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Konichiwa~! I'm Crystal from S'pore!:D A few things bt me: 1. I LOVE VAMPIRE KNIGHT! I'M TOTALLY OBSSESED WITH IT !!! Fav authors here~ Sagakure, Blackened Wing, Yengirl, Gwen Trueong! If you r also a VK fan, check out Sagakure's VK fanpage: sagakure. livejournal. com/ and blackened wing's: http://www. myvampireheart. com/ *just remove the spaces^^ 2. I love YAOI!:D 3. I love Vampires!!! Especially hot, sexy, cute ones like Kaname and Zero and Takuma, basically all the good vampires in VK:D Told you I'm obsessed with VK xD!!! If you are also a VK fan, won't you be my friend?*\(^o^)/*3 Love, CRYSTAL^^
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