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I, SanguisAnima, do not own anything except the Original Characters listed below and the plot points that I write.

I also do not make any monetary profit off of any of my fanfics.

All titles and franchises are owned by their respective copyright holders.


For ease, please use the location keys listed in brackets below, then do a browser search (Ctrl-F or Cmd-F, then the location key).

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Here's a li'l something to whet appetites.

[ ffn-sa-geninfo ]

.o0o. GENERAL INFO .o0o.

Name: SanguisAnima

Age: almost out of the calendar (this is a common Filipino joke when asked about age)

Nationality: Filipino (Philippines)

Profession: Uhh... Ahu? (spot the reference)

To track what's new in here, just look up the profile update date.

... That sounded WAY better in my head.

[ ffn-sa-aboutme ]

.o0o. ABOUT ME .o0o.

Slave by day/night, worker by night/day...

Or at least I think I am.

I often dream up OCs and situations where they interact with canon characters, while affecting canon storyline as minimally as possible (admittedly, it's hard at times).

I am someone who lets my imagination roam free most of the time, with the myriad ideas and images flooding the expanse of my mind and with the misfortune of having my severely limited body capturing only a meager fraction of those wonders, figments of my imagination, having to make do with what little that I can capture.

I have often quoted, "I write only as the Muses direct me; they are the source of my works, while I merely serve as their conduit." Which is largely true - by myself, I have rarely thought up a workable idea; if/when inspiration strikes by a simple glance, touch, or overhearing, my mind is at my Muse's beck and call.

I am, in a sense, "a man with two souls, each fighting for control of his body". One is my earthly soul, with its attachments to life, living and morals; the other is my untapped soul, mostly content to stay in the shadows, but increasingly becomes more daring with each passing day, and has shown traces of itself in my everyday life.

Right now I am fascinated/enamored/hooked/(insert preferred word here) with the animated series RWBY, written/directed/animated by Monty Oum and produced by RoosterTeeth.

... I think that's enough rambling for now...

And yes, just like you see, I am addicted to coffee (in case you can't tell, my profile pic is a 12oz Starbucks tumbler; it was lost though, and I have a new red 16oz one in its place).

... I think I'll go and talk to Headmaster Ozpin. 'Nuff said.


I've reactivated my WP page; in case you need some clarification, feel free to turn to it for details. It's [sanguisxanima(dot)wordpress(dot)com]

[ ffn-sa-updlog ]

.o0o. UPDATE LOG .o0o.

- UPDATE Jul 16, 2017:

I'm alive! Posted a new story inspired by plot bunnies. Slow updates though.

- UPDATE Mar 16, 2016:

Some updates with things I forgot to put in.

- UPDATE Mar 15, 2016:

Minor Profile page overhaul, added generic disclaimer.

- UPDATE Aug 13, 2015:

New name for Sirocca's battle boomerangs. Props to THIS AWESOME AUTHOR for the suggestion.

- UPDATE Jul 27, 2015:

My MicroSD card containing EVERYTHING I've written just died on me; in effect I lost 98% of what I wrote/am writing/am going to write about. Oh, and I also lost over 90% of my music files, so I am sacrificing sleep to recover at least some of the music I listen to on the bus and while writing. This will obviously set me back a lot; I cannot say when I will be posting again.


(TL;DR: MicroSD busted up, lost almost everything. This ain't goodbye, it's just a see ya later.)

- UPDATE Jul 09, 2015:

Re-linking URL's, for some reason FFN freakin' removed all non-YT and non-FF URL links... Urgh. If you see anything that resembles a webpage URL, just replace the spaces with slashes, and commas with dots.

- UPDATE May 17, 2015:

Edit to self-insert OC, and some other minor changes. Let's see who can make the connections.

- UPDATE Apr 14, 2015:

One new track added. MAY OR MAY NOT change.

- UPDATE Mar 25, 2015:

Added some more tracks; may still change, but some won't. Jus' sayin'.

- UPDATE Mar 18, 2015:

Some profile tweaking; I haven't abandoned the stories or the WIP's. Now with Preferred Theme Tracks! XD


Props to Ancient2, a fellow FFN author, for our Gods Eater: Burst collaboration fic. It's already completed! It's ALIVE! Also working with TehAwesomesauce beta for TtW - TehOne, TehOnly, TehUnoman New name for Sirocca's battle boomerangs! New name for their story needed - ideas very welcome! Feel free to drop me a PM.

[ ffn-sa-oclist ]


From this day forward, let it be known that I claim ownership of these following characters.

The series where they appear are all owned by their respective copyright owners.

Please refer to the top for the generic disclaimer statement.





Birth Name: Mystra Ventego

Race: Human

Gender: F

Age: 20

Weapon: War Staff, named Windforge

Semblance: (to be revealed)

Description: Daughter of two renowned members of the Sacred Order, and currently heir apparent as the High Acolyte. Although initially disliking the task, she was first assigned as Sirocca's guardian immediately after the latter was rescued.

Preferred Theme Tracks:

Personal Theme: Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time (Instrumental Version) [Myst] / Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds (Instrumental Version) [Mirror-Myst]

Flashbacks: Future World Music - Final Judgment

Emotional Moments: (n/a)

Angry/Furious: Two Steps from Hell - Sons of War

Calm: Thomas Bergersen - Promise (Final Version)

[ More To Follow ]


Birth Name: Sirocca Feanor

Race: Faunus (Golden Tiger: en,wikipedia,org wiki Golden_tiger) [ and Sirocca would look a little something like this: aw4foxache,deviantart,com art Animal-Human-morph-183448386 (credits to the image owner, found it in dA) ]

Gender: F

Age: 19

Weapon: Twin wooden battle boomerangs, Caccia ["Seek"] and Cerca ["Hunt"]; collectively known as "Veleno di Tocco" [Poison Touch].

Semblance: (to be revealed)

Description: Sole survivor of a genocide, unwittingly done with her own two hands. Found and raised by one of the Sacred Order's most powerful warriors, she used to be a loner until Myst earned her trust and friendship.

Preferred Theme Tracks:

Personal Theme: E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable

Flashbacks: Zyrah - (?) Requiem [Assassin's Creed Soundtrack]

Emotional Moments: Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage

Angry/Furious: Two Steps from Hell - Black Blade

Calm: (n/a)

[ More To Follow ]


Birth Name: Rou Gregale

Race: Faunus (White/Arctic Fox: en,wikipedia,org wiki Arctic_fox)

Gender: M

Age: 17

Weapon: Greatsword / Halberd hybrid, named Futsuno Mitama. Has three forms: a "sealed" form (single greatsword), a "released" form (hybrid halberd form), and a "True Released" form (lance/longsword duo, made of Futsuno's midsection [longsword] and the extended outer blades [lance]. The True Released form is the most difficult for Rou to control since he has two separate points of focus, unlike in the Sealed or Released forms, thus it is very rarely used).

Semblance: Heat manipulation. Rou's preferred form is convection, giving him the ability to generate storms.

Description: Hailing from a clan of treasure hunters, Rou is unusually quiet and observant for someone his age. He also doesn't know yet that his parents have arranged a marriage between him and Libby, although the younger girl already knows.

Preferred Theme Tracks:

Personal Theme: Ikusa - Wagakki Band

Flashbacks: Osanai Kaorou - Tsugaru-Jonkara-Bushi

Emotional Moments: Future World Music - Dream Chasers

Angry/Furious: Derek Fiechter - Samurai Warrior [Unsealed Futsuno] / Audiomachine - Guardians at the Gate [Released Futsuno] / Wagakki Band - Three (Michiya, Asa, Wasabi) [True Released Futsuno]

Calm: (n/a)

[ More To Follow ]


Birth Name: Libeccia Cuwphah

Race: Human

Gender: F

Age: 16

Weapon: Pilebunker / Assault Rifle hybrid, named Lo-Ruhama. (The pile itself is 50 inches long, and has a diameter of 9 inches. Don't bother asking me how much it weighs.)

Semblance: Amplification. Libby uses this to maximum effect by boosting her own power while driving the pilebunker into her target. Otherwise she simply raises her strength levels just enough to be able to lift LoRuhama without getting injured.

Description: A human girl growing up in a predominantly Faunus centered society, Libby used to be the object of ridicule and contempt due to her many limitations - the most noticeable of which is her height (5'1" at 16 years of age, made even more obvious due to her weapon of choice's unnatural size). Due to this, she was forced to resort to physical means to ward off bullies, which she was successful at for the better part of 12 years - until her parents told her of the arranged marriage when she turned 15. Then things got crazier in the Cuwphah household.

Preferred Theme Tracks:

Personal Theme: Thomas Bergersen - Starvation

Flashbacks: Rababa Insrumental

Emotional Moments: Thomas Bergersen - Cassandra

Angry/Furious: Two Steps from Hell - Starfall

Calm: (n/a)

[ More To Follow ]



(Gods Eater: Burst, Solo Work)


Name: Azalea Rojo

Age: ??

Gender: F

God Arc: Laoyang II (1) / Aiding Shield X (2) / FFED Assault Blaze (3)

Description: A New-Type Gods Eater assigned to the Fenrir Far East Branch, and placed on the 4th Squad. Hand-picked by Lindow, Alisa and Soma to join them on an extermination mission. Things went rather out of control, and now Azal finds herself no longer in her familiar surroundings.

(1) img2,wikia,nocookie,net _cb20110410012525 godeater images f f7 Wild_swd_laoyang,jpg

(2) img2,wikia,nocookie,net _cb20110715105403 godeater images b be Aidingshield,jpg

(3) img2,wikia,nocookie,net _cb20110719131356 godeater images 8 82 07_FFED_Assault_flame,jpg,jpg



(Gods Eater: Burst, Collaboration Work)


Name: Karen Dickinson-Ogawa

Age: ??

Gender: F

God Arc: Glacier Katana / Support Shield / Max (basic equips)

Description: A New-Type known in the Den as the "Sniper Samurai", and cousin to both Gina Dickinson and Shun Ogawa. Her main motivation for joining Fenrir and the Gods Eaters is to settle things with her 'wayward' cousin Shun, and if she's lucky, to find and take revenge on a certain Aragami; one that is rumored to be colder than Death's embrace itself. All of that slowly changes as she spends time with the free-spirited Shōkan Maebure, another fellow New-Type with her own secrets and demons.


1. GE:B collaboration (of sorts) currently in the works with another author.

2. Chapter/story updates WILL be significantly slower due to workload. Also due to a possible career shift (again).

3. Darnit, Gen. James Ironwood!!

4. Collaborating with three other awesome writers for a massive project...



[This section intentionally cleared for upcoming updates.]

- Sanguis

[ ffn-sa-cworkst ]



The Eye Mask (original fic by xenon54165 in DA: xenon54165,deviantart,com art RWBY-Future-AU-RW-The-Eye-Mask-424735649)
The Tale Behind The Oath
A Chance Encounter

Sacred World

Grimm Eater, God Hunter


Trinity Arc (with Ancient2, completed)


Darkin Riven
Last of the Line
Testing the Waters (Looking for new name/s! Suggestions welcome!)


The Hidden Gastronome Chronicles
The Legacy Continues

Ware wa kuu. Ware wa kou. Ware wa jin.
Ware wa, hitofuri no tsurugi ni te, subete no tsumi wo karitori, aku wo metsu.
Wagana wa Hakumen!
Oshite mairu!
- Sankishin Core Unit, Haku=Men

Dai roku roku roku kousoku kikan kaihou...
Jigen kanshou kyosuu houjin tenkai.
Murakumo Yunitto kaihou.
- Anti-Sankishin Core Unit #13, Nu

Kami no Yari yo!
Kami ni yori tsukura reshi kono sekai subete wa itsuwari,
subete wa kyozoo! Shuumatsu wa ikaga ni ima, subete no hakai wo!
- Anti-Sankishin Core Unit #12, Mu

Minor challenge:

Hidden within this profile page is a hint to my FaceBook username. If you find it, feel free to drop me a PM to let me know and we'll discuss from there.

(Zaki-san, you're not included... You already know me :P LoL )

[ ffn-sa-siocprof ]


RWBY self-insert self (will be released in the indeterminate future):

Name: Sanguis Anima (Latin for "Spirit of Blood")

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birth Place: Atlas

Character Design:

- Body:

Oval face, framed by black hair reaching to midway through the back. Eyes are almond-shaped, with red-brown irises and black pupils. Stands at 5'7" (barefoot), weighing 135lbs (61.235kg). Measures 35-24-35 (B-W-H).

- Outfits:

(A) Loose denim pants, boots, and a plain black shirt covered by a gray hoodie vest. Black fingerless gloves on left hand, full black gloves on right hand. May sport aviators from time to time. ALWAYS hides face from full view under the hood, or uses the hair to hide face. Outfit used when roaming outside of the forests.

(B) Blood-red Samurai armor, presumably of General rank or higher, complete with the kabuto helmet and Hannya face-mask (en,wikipedia,org wiki Hannya - white base with deep red accents). RARELY used. (血液の精神 / Ketsueki no seishin)

(C) Top naked, letting only her hair cover her breasts and using a ragged loincloth paired with crudely made leather leggings/boots. Used only within the cover of the forests.

Personality: Quiet, rarely speaks, uses a notepad and pen to communicate; but when Sanguis does speak audibly, it only means she's pissed off. Outside of fights, she's analytical and moves slowly, oftentimes making people think she's injured or disabled. But whenever she is in a fight, she turns the complete opposite - moves rapidly, and bases most (if not all) attacks instinctively.

Weapon Name: Akazenchou (Red Omen)

Weapon Variant: Collapsible halberd, with a submachinegun (design patterned after the Fabrique Nationale P90) in the middle section

Aura: Blood red, no distinguishable form, but tends to "seep" into the nearest area, giving a "bloodstained" look on the immediate surroundings

Semblance: Hydrokinesis (the psychic ability to manipulate liquids in almost any form). Sanguis mainly uses this to draw out blood from her targets with each cut, slice, or wound she inflicts, and using that to either repair her Angra Mainyu's blade (using the iron in the blood), augment the halberd's maximum range (making it nearly unpredictable, as her maximum effective range is only limited by the amount of blood she has taken from her target), or just plain intimidate her target. However, she cannot use her Semblance for prolonged periods of time (only in bursts lasting a few seconds at a time - just enough to repair Angra Mainyu, initiate a few attacks with an unpredictable range, or create whatever mythical beast's image behind her for dramatic effect); otherwise it causes a heavy strain on her mind.


Unknown to practically everyone except the Sacred Order of the Six Wards's four highest ranking officers, Sanguis (her birth name is actually Sanguinaea Yuvon-Sil) is the only child of the High Priest of the Sacred Order, which is hidden in Atlas. As she was an only child, her existence was kept a classified secret, to be revealed only when she was of legal age. She received combat training as early as four years of age, in preparation for her future role as one of the Order's "pillars".

However, her latent power awoke prematurely when she was only six due to the trauma of seeing both her biological and surrogate mothers die in front of her eyes, from protecting her from a band of slavers. That incident (known in the Order Archives as the "Feast of Blood") also caused her vocal cords to be damaged extensively, as well as her emotions to run wild and unchecked, ultimately leaving Sanguis a silent, bloodthirsty yet adaptable combatant.

Preferred Theme Tracks: [Suggestions welcome!]

Personal Theme: Skillet - Not Gonna Die (Intro Extended Version) : soundcloud,com edgar-chakryan skillet-not-gonna-die-intro-version-1

Flashbacks: League of Legends Music, DJ Sona - Ethereal Theme

Emotional Moments: Blue Stahli, Metamorphosis (Life Theory Remix)

Angry/Furious: League of Legends Music, Kalista's Theme / Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize [Metal Version by 331Erock on YT] / Lindsey Stirling - Elements [Metal Version Remix by Nico Merolla] : soundcloud,com nico-mirolla elements-by-lindsey-stirling

Calm: (n/a)

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