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Greetings fellow readers and writers. My name is Alejandro Campos, I'm an engineer who has worked at naval bases, Xerox, IBM, defense contractors and the automotive industry. I've written way to many technical reports, specs, manuals and bids but I'm hoping that the first stories I publish aren't too dry. In spite of the fact that I was born in the USA, English is technically my second language. I could barely speak Spanish when I started kindergarten but I have a good memory and learn fast so I quickly caught up and eventually surpassed my native speaker contemporaries. Though I didn't realize it for years, being told you scored beyond the standard test's ability to measure is an eye opener for an 8th grader. I made it through high school and graduated cum laude in engineering from college.

My introduction to fan fiction came from the Sailor Sun dot org webcomic, in the chapter "Glam Slam" Sailor Ranko guest starred and I eventually checked out that webcomic and discovered the fanfic by Fire the comic is based on. So I've been reading fan fiction for over a decade now (20180505). Though I've been reading webcomics and webnovels since 1997. At one time Keenspot was the premiere webcomic community, mostly by being first but since the golden days of the early 2000s all of my favorite comics have left it.

I'm currently working on several Worm Crossover stories that haven't been done before and a few other crossovers that I find interesting. I'm planning to do a Worm/EGS crossover as a crackfic, to get it out of my system. Then do a HP and SG-1 crossover so I can work on an epic Worm/SG-1 crossover.

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