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I am a fan fan of Bones, NCIS, Castle, and the Good Wife and fan fiction is my guilty pleasure. I really appreciate that FanFic has a mobile page so that I can read stories on my mobile devices (Kindle Fire, generic eReader, etc.)

I enjoy crossovers -- or even just the mention of characters from other shows (on other networks) within the storyline, and I puzzle over things like is Gibbs Booth's uncle since Ralph Waite is Booth's grandfather and Gibbs' father (see next paragraph) . . . do Bones and Castle know each other since they are both authors in the mystery genre . . . is Rebecca working under an assumed name as a doctor in Seattle . . . . does Booth know the BAU guys (JJ, Derek, etc.) and does Cam know Lanie since they both were in the ME's office in NY? Clearly I have too much time on my hands!

In December 2012 FaithInBones and I were exchanging emails about just this very topic. I have now ventured into the NCIS Fandom on FanFic dot Net! We decided to collaborate on a story (Castor and Pollux) that FaithInBones is publishing in the Bones fandom and I am posting in the NCIS fandom. We would appreciate reviews of the story so that we know that we are on the right track.

My "Days of Their Lives" stories (in the Bones fandom) each stand alone as one/shots . . . if I'd known I was going to do a series, I might have started a "collection" title and put them all there. But, I like that they are each individual stories and can stand on their own.

Although I have favorited several stories and authors (see my lists below), my very favorite stories (so far) are"Unseen" (by Razztaztic) -- probably the very best story in the Bones fandom! I also really like "Yours Truly, Booth" (by NatesMama) and "The People on the Pier" (by Some1tookmyname). I really encourage you to read them . . . they are the kind of stories that stick with me and I go back and re-read.

My favorite line in a fan fic:

"Best day of my life," he chuckled warmly and couldn't help the small tease. "The day they were handing out partners at the FBI."
(from Chapter 67 of "Only Between Us" by sleeplessinatlanta -- mind the rating if looking up this story)

And although it might be cheesy, I do enjoy stories that are inspired by song lyrics -- as you will see if you browse through the ones I've written.

I am grateful to everyone who takes the time to read one of my stories, and always appreciate it if you would take the time to write a review. Since I frequently read on an eReader, I know that inputting a review for those doing the same (or reading on a smartphone) can be a challenge, so I have come to consider story and author alerts anonymous positive reviews.

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