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Yin-Yang Yoh PM
Joined May '11

Official Site: http:///(NO LONGER BEING UPDATED)

Advanceshipping Forum I am part of: http:///index.cgi

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TerravancerYoh

Who am I?

Formerly known as Yin-Yang Yo-Yo, just some average random dude on fanfiction. I am a HUGE fan of romance stories. I really wasn't sure if I actually wanted to write and do it in front of a giant audience of 100000000000000000 readers or writers, so here I am. I would give a backstory, but that would take too long XD. Either way, I had found my passion for writing stories after reading them. I was never a big fan of writing, or reading, but this site always gave me a cheer. So if anything is missing, let the rest explain for itself.

Also very much semi-retired and mostly a YouTuber now.


Since I'm a romance fan what pairings do I like?

Sonic x Amy

Shadow x Rouge

Knuckles x Shade

Silver x Blaze

Tails x Cream or Cosmo

Tynan x Claire

Mario x Peach

Luigi x Daisy

Toad and Toadette

Bowser x Lizardon from Smash King

Link x Zelda

Lucario x Lopunny

Gallade x Gardevoir

Ash x May

Ash's Sceptile x May's Blaziken

Ash's Pikachu x May's Glaceon

Brock x Lucy

Wes and Rui

Yusei x Akiza - May not be into card games anymore, but enough to say they are an awesome couple. Also the second pairing making me stay on the site.

Jaden x Alexis - After a little researching (yes I actually did), this pair finally passed my standards! (no seriously, i had some digging to do here.)

Yuma x Tori/Kotori

Gauche x Droite

Saturn x Mars

Saturn x Jupiter

Saturn x Jupiter x Mars

Tamaki x Haruhi

Pit x Palutena

Dark Pit/Pittoo x Mindy(OC)

Tyson x Hilary

Ray x Mariah

Kirito x Asuna

Phoenix Wright x Maya Fey

Travis Touchdown x Shinobu x Sylvia

Madoka Kaname x Homura Akemi

Sayaka Miki x Kyoko Sakura

Akira Kurusu x Makoto Niijima

Akira Kurusu x Hifumi Togo

Akira Kurusu x Haru Okumura

Akira Kurusu x Yusuke Kitagawa

Yu Narukami x Rise Kujikawa

Yu Narukami x Yukiko Amagi

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