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Finally got the okay to release my Ichiruki AU 'zine fic One Blood. It was such a fun experience working with some of my favorite IR writers and artists. The finished project is so good. I'm still in awe that my fic fit in with the rest kdsskldfjs


This is it. I finished my first multi-chapter fanfic ever. It's not the first fanfic I wrote (that one is still being revamped steadily), but I'm proud of it all the same. The fact that I finished Something Hidden doesn't feel real to me yet. It's a strange feeling, really. That's a great understatement to how I feel right now, but I'm too brain-dead to describe it properly.

I've written some acknowledgement type stuff below for Something Hidden, if you feel like reading it. I was going to put it in my final Author's Note but decided to move it here instead.

Status of In-Progress Fics and Acknowledgements:


Summary: (Will be updated)

Status: Currently Being Revamped

This is my first fic. I'm currently revamping it because I started writing it back in 2011, and my writing was shit back then.

Character Profile for my OC, Sakura:

Full name: Yoshida Sakura

Age: 16

Height: 5'3"

Race: Human/Shinigami (as of Chapter Twelve)

Sakura is a quiet, shy girl at first who doesn't really know how to stand up for herself and doesn't have many friends. As she befriends Rukia, she opens up more and learns a lot about people and herself, making more friends in the process and becoming braver.

In Chapter Twelve, she developed her Shinigami powers while training with Renji under Urahara's tutelage.

In Chapter Fourteen, her shikai and its abilities were revealed.

Shikai: Sakkaku (Illusion)

Release Incantation: Shift reality...


-Dai Ichi no Sosei: Kagami (First Composition: Mirror)

This ability manipulates a target(s)'s sense of sight.

-Dai San no Kozu: Kijo (Third Composition: Lady, or Siren)

This ability manipulates a target(s)'s sense of hearing.

-Dairoku no Kozu: Ryusui (Sixth Composition: Flowing Water)

-This ability manipulates the way (a) target(s) perceive someone's reiatsu.

Extra Information: She works as a maid in Byakuya's mansion in the World of the Living. She has opted to skip high school to support her struggling family.

She also has a crush on Abarai Renji, but doesn't tell him since she can see that he likes Rukia.

A Frozen Requiem

Status: Currently being revamped

Character Profile for my OC, Miyuki:

Height: 5'2"

Race: Arrancar

Miyuki is the main female character of this fanfic and serves as the sole Fracción for Grimmjow Jeagerjaques after losing his other Fracciones. She was an Adjuchas pre-Arrancar days.

In Chapter Four, it is revealed that she lived in Paris for some time when she was human. It is also revealed that Grimmjow was, in fact, French as well.

In Chapter Five, her Hollow form (not her Resurrección, but her inner Hollow) is revealed to be a white wolf with black lines sprouting from her back down the middle of its mask and four legs. It is much larger than a normal wolf, about the size of a small car.

Her Hollow side cannot stand Miyuki, but will try to take over and protect her when Miyuki is in danger (like Ichigo's inner Hollow).

In Chapter Nine, she defeats her inner Hollow and gains her Resurrección (again much like Ichigo conquering his inner Hollow):

Incantation: "Weep..."

Resurrección: Hielo

Extra Information: She is bilingual, able to speak both French and Japanese fluently.

Character Profile for my OC, Ryu:

Height: 6' 0"

Race: Arrancar

Ryu wields fire. He is very loyal to Aizen and does whatever he orders. Aizen uses Ryu's power to get rid of the numbers of demoted Espadas (now Privaron Espada) by burning the tattoo from their flesh.

Extra Information: He is first shown in Chapter Four of A Frozen Requiem. To create fire, he sucks the oxygen out of the air near him and uses it to fuel his flames. He can shape the flames in any way he so desires, though to remove a Privaron Espada's tattoo, he prefers to shape the fire into a dragon's claws over his hand and plunge the flames into the spot of the tattoo. He is hardly seen by Aizen or other Arrancars save for the occasions when he must demote Privarons.

Character Profile for my OC, Amara:

Height: 5' 7"

Race: Arrancar

Amara is Hueco Mundo's seamstress. She is not a Número because Aizen did not think she was strong enough to be one, so she does hold a lot of resentment towards those who are, except for Grimmjow, of course. Because Grimmjow had slept with her a few times before Miyuki's creation, Amara has developed an obsessive, sexually-charged love for him, and becomes extremely jealous of any other girl he associates with, regardless of how he feels about it. She affectionately refers to him as mi amado, or "my love".

Something Hidden Acknowledgements:

This is gonna sound like some sentimental Academy Award speech or something, just to warn you.

First off, I'd like to thank my little sister for introducing me to WordGirl in the first place. She's the person I wrote this fic for, after all, and it's so wild to me that, when I started writing this fic, I was about to graduate high school and she was about Becky and Tobey's age herself. Now I'm on the verge of graduating college, and she's going to graduate from middle school. It doesn't seem like that much time went by, but, looking back now, I realize how much I've grown as a writer and how much she's growing up next to me. I'm still kind of in a state of disbelief right now, so if I sound incoherent, that's probably why.

Not gonna lie, the first maybe eight or so chapters of Something Hidden make me cringe re-reading them. They're like barely tolerable at best. I've thought of rewriting them a bit, but I decided to just leave them be, cringy as they are. I think it shows a nice progression from not only my writing style, but of Tobey and Becky, too. Or at least I hope. Maybe I sound pretentious saying that. How you readers have managed to stick with me past those chapters is baffling, honestly. But it's nice of you all the same. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and praise throughout the years.

Thank you BornAgainINChrist for being the first to review my fic and being so welcoming when I first wrote this fic. I'm quite sure you'll never see this, seeing as how you haven't reviewed much since 2014, but thanks all the same.

Thank you to all those who had supported me in the past by leaving multiple reviews and gushing about WordGirl with me, but stopped reading my fic long ago. I understand my update schedule was erratic, and I understand that some of you may have moved on to other fandoms or simply lost interest. That's fair. Thank you to SuperGuest, faroutfangirl, Rosezelene Ersa, KaylaBow, Kaila R. Clover, Mewkura, crabbySeer, codyhobgood271, SelenaGomezMileyCyrusFan, TrashyDumpster, Potato Beilschmidt, Approximately Samara, Party Splat, Polarleopardlegend, viidotkitty, guest reviewer Turtle777 and all your sisters, MeddlingWithChaos, BookishOwl/GoneGirl25, palmsparrow2014, ElenLome, emeraldblossom34, DRARRYLOVR4EVERINMYHEART, guest reviewer RememberWordgirl, and horsewhisper3.

Thank you to those of you who have stuck by my fic despite everything. You guys are troopers, and, as such, I feel like I should salute you. Unfortunately, my thanks are all I can give. I hope it's enough.

Thank you to InuKaglover4ev22 for being there since practically the beginning days of this fic. You always say such nice things every chapter and in your PMs, and I'm truly grateful.

Thank you to Devin Trinidad, a writer on here I consider a senpai of sorts. If you're reading this, hi. I like Car Needs Work and Love a lot. You've got some interesting one-shots for some of my favorite anime that I've been meaning to check out, too.

Thank you to CartoonNerd12 for gushing over my fic a lot over the years and for freaking out over Tobecky with me, too.

Thank you to Music Keeper for sending me that one message on Tumblr over how excited you were to read the end of this fic, and for gushing about Tobecky with me and a few other friends there, too. Also, Through the Eyes of His Mother is a straight-up masterpiece, and I'm so glad you submitted it to my ask-tobey blog (which I will start up again soon!).

Thank you to vcjb242 for that wonderful review for Chapter Fifteen where you told me that not only is my fic worth the wait, but I am, too. That stuck with me, and honestly, I don't think I'll ever forget such a kind message.

Thank you to guest reviewer Sam for your all-caps reviews lol. Those are always nice to read. I'm glad I could pull you back into this fandom.

Thank you to MLPStevenUniverseLPS. Your reviews are short, but I appreciate the fact that you were willing to wait for my chapters.

Thank you to my online friend, Leviprime, for reviewing this story multiple times, for inspiring me with fic ideas and headcanons, for freaking out with me over Tobecky and Boku no Hero Academia and other stuff on Tumblr, and especially for drawing this fanart inspired by this fic. I seriously don't think of myself as someone who inspires others, so this came as a big shock. If anyone is reading this, go check out her WordGirl art on Tumblr. Seriously. It's great stuff.

Thank you to my other online friend, pi-romantic (or cygnus1123 on here), for giving super long paragraphs and bullet points as reviews, for inspiring the ending for this fic with some of the questions you sent me years ago (the latest one being the inspiration for the stargazing scene at the end), for gushing over Tobecky with me and Leviprime and a few others on Tumblr, and for drawing stuff from this fic. If anyone is reading this, go check out her WordGirl fics and make sure to leave reviews. I especially enjoy The Definition of Miraculous, a not-really crossover between WordGirl and Miraculous Ladybug. If you like both shows but haven't checked out her fic, go do it now. I'm serious.

Thank you to all those who left at least one review, to all the guest reviewers who don't have accounts but felt the need to say something anyway, and contributions from readers like you. Thank you.

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