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Alright. Time to get shit straight.

My last profile was rather pathetic. Wow. Okay.

Hey guys While I'm not exactly coming back (my muse has been rather stupid and I've enrolled in college, which has eaten up most of my time), I'm just popping in to say hello and that my muse is trying to give it a real good fighting chance! Some things will need to be addressed, however.

I have not written anything really hetero lately.

This being said, it might be a little awkward for me to get into the swing of boy x girl kinds of things.

Well why?

That is because I discovered this year that I'm gay. Like hella gay. I'm dating someone in Chicago at the moment and holy shit is my bun the best thing to have ever happened to me. They have helped me through so much it is ridiculous. That being said, I am happy to say that I do believe I am in the midst of recovering from my depression. However that depression did leave lingering effects, including: anxiety

That being said

I probably won't update soon. I do have some ideas in mind but at the moment, only one of them is a Transformers fic (and it's actually a new one in celebration of Transformers 4 coming out) (ALKJSLKFJSD SO EXCITE) and the other (and this is kinda sad for me) is actually a Brave idea. I love the movie, I love what it's about and I might actually go for the idea this time...

In any way

I am so, so, so grateful for you guys and I love getting more and more e-mails of people subscribing to me and my stories! Don't be afraid to pop on into my inbox and I'll try to get back to y'all as soon as possible! c:

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