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Um… hi. So, the thing is, I won't be updating any of my story's. Like… forever. So, I thought I'd let you all know, and thank you for reading, and supporting me I really appreciate it. And, I'm sorry but for personal reasons I cannot continue uploading thing on/visiting this site. Thank you. And sorry.


I'm PurpleRosesL, and thanks for checking out my profile.

Um...ok...some info about me... well...

I LOVEusing '...' because I'm never quite sure what to write about.

I don't understand as to why people called my hair color 'red' hair. come on people, It's orange. =.=

I don't under stand what the big difference between 'hazel' and 'green' eyes.

I don't understand a-lot of things.

I like to use extra punctuation marks, when I really don't need them.

I'm a pretty good speller. (most of the time...)

I suck at using Punctuation, so I have an freaking EPIC beta reader.

I start a-lot of sentences with 'I' because I like to talk about myself, but i'm also a pretty great listener.

I can't control my voice most of the time, so I yell really weird/offensive things a-lot.

I annoy people around me, who don't know how much I like anime. (but I could tone down the anime-talking if I wanted to.)

So...I guess thats all of that/

Here's a little more info about me. You know...just in case you were curious. :)

Fave animes

1. Hetalia Axis Powers (hell yeah!)

2. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

3. Durarara!!!

4. Black butler

5. Ouran Highschool Host Club

6. Pokemon (The original version)

7. Gurren Lagann

Fave movies

1. Coraline

2. Alice in Wonderland (also, the original version)

3. Rocky Horror Picture show (only a few people still know what that is...)

4. The 'Harry Potter' series

Fave book

1. Milkweed, by: Jerry Spinelli

Fave manga

1. Durarara!!! (manga 1 & 2)

2. Ouran Highschool Host Club (whole manga series)

3. Psyren (manga 1 & 2)

Soooo...um thats pretty much it! thanks for checking out my profile!


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