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Hey all I'm Meteorthunder3 if you haven't bothered reading the name and don't ask about what happened to number 1 or 2

Gender: Male

Favorite animes: Naruto, Soul Eater, Chrome Shelled Regios, Zero no Tsukaima, Rozen Maiden, Pokemon, Astarotte's toy, Fairy Tail, Yu-Gi-Oh(up to 5d's I don't like Zexal)

Ps. I have some story challenges and ideas for Naruto and Pokemon just below this profile. I would love to have someone take them since I'm not confident in my writing ability to post it...for now..

-Challenges -

for those interested just Pm me the title and summary of the story if you're writing them. Oh and OCs are allowed and encouraged but you don't have to.

A. Naruto The Thief = Now here's a story i thought of. It's been bugging me for a while. Look at this scenario, during the sealing the Yondaime was alive, Naruto will also have some siblings. He could have been born earlier, or be a set of twins, or even triplets. Well if you've read some stories where he gets neglected, some of the things basically happens to him in this story as well, but unlike the other stories he branches of in a way. One day he tried to steal some food as he was hungry and his parents locked the gates to their home. Soon his thieving escapades became a hobby of his. Although on one event he miscalculated and almost got caught, luckily a stranger(Preferably male but a female thief will also work out, depends on the writer), who happens to be a thief as well manages to sneak him out. Naruto eventually learned to thrust the thief and is trained in the art of the shadows. In this story Naruto also loses the desire to be a shinobi, mostly dedicating his skill to infiltration, and stealth. Then after one night when Naruto finally snaps from the lack of attention/villagers idiocy/favoritism he plans to escape Konoha, to which the thief will help him would be up to you on how the family reacts to his departure but when Naruto leaves, he does gain SOME shinobi skills which he admits is useful for hiding, add the fact that he will be able to hide his presence from even Jonin level ninjas with his unused chakra coils. Now the last thing that must happen to Naruto in this challenge is meet the SON of the thief. That son could be adopted or real, but the only real reason I wanted the thief to be a male is because I thought that the Father and Son bond would be nice. But A bond between Mother and Son is just as good so either is fine.

Anyways, the meeting is up to you and here is where you can branch off. Now here are some other points.

1. No Yaoi please, Nothing against them but no thank you. If you want to pair Naruto up with the Son then You can just make Naruto a Girl

2. No harem please... if you want, the maximum should only be about 3 girls. Seriously having a harem maybe fun and all but to many girls is just to much. X( I mean come on it won't be fun seeing girls appear out of no where and start confessing in massive numbers.

3. Naruto MUST NOT become a shinobi, although his main focus must be that of a Thief's skill set, he can still try adapting other styles, in fact if you want to add some sort of element like Magic/spells/Advanced Technology then feel free. As Long as He is NOT a shinobi, but at the same time he does not live a rather civilian lifestyle at the Beginning. If you want to end the story as him as a civilian then go for it.

4. Feel free to put any crossovers (just tell me which one)

5. Naruto MUST be able to at least fight back, as long as he is not a Shinobi, like what I placed for condition #3 he can have some sort of element of combat.

6. Be creative and enjoy yourselves! Go Wild! You want Naruto to suddenly be the champion of the spirit of the moon then be my guest! Turn him into a girl and pair up with the son of the thief even better!

B. Naruto Village of Beasts = In this challenge Naruto is in a set of triplets, and Minato and Kushina survives the Kyuubi attack. MInato then sealed the Kyuubi's shared chakra to Naruto's two younger siblings while the soul gets stuck with him. 3 years later Naruto had another sibling but was different than the rest. He was blind and had White hair. It turns out that the SHinigami did not like getting cheated and so placed the Jyuubi no Ookami's spirit inside the new born. In the following years Naruto and his younger brother get's ignored by their parents in favor of the chakra twins (you know the 2 with kyuubis chakra). They then managed to see the Jyuubi and Kyuubi as their parents(having established a mental link). And soon both of them together with Sakura's twin brother (did not see that one did ya. But still I haven't seen one with the idea of having a twin brother for Sakura) leaves toward a secret village for outcasts and exiles. the weird thing though is that everyone in this village were either Half-demons or half animals. Will the trio fit in as they are? Or be granted a new life as animal hybrids?


1. there should be no big major time skips like 6 years. Time-skips are allowed but should be Lower than 6 years. max is only 5 years.

2. Sakura's brother should have a valid reason for leaving with the other two.

3. you guys can decide what the names of Naruto's siblings and Sakura's brother.

4. Be creative and have fun with it. Feel free to make it a crossover with another anime if you like. (just tell me what anime it will crossover with)

C. Sasori's spy challenge = For this challenge what will happen if the Minato, the Fourth Hokage, was actually a spy of Sasori? And there seems to be more about He's puppets. What if they where only replicas. And that all of those people had something in common? Now what will happen if one of them found out about how Naruto get's treated by the village?


1. Naruto can have a bloodline if you want to. Minato must be alive, up to you whether he did die but got revived through some method or was kept alive.

2. Sasori must be at least a little bit more powerful than the canon.

3. Kushina is a wildcard you choose what will happen to her.

4. To those who want you can place a harem but please don't put like 7 or 20 girls .

5. crossovers are allowed just tell me what they crossover with.

D. Puppeteer of a different kind = This challenge is a very vague one. In this challenge Naruto main combat style is by 'controlling' something. He can be like any regular puppeteer BUT he will not use Chakra strings to control them. Be creative, use seals, telekinesis, or some other mumbo jumbo you can come up with. It could even be a robot with a remote control(that would be cool). Or maybe have him controlling stuffed animals(kill them with your Fluffiness and cuteness!!). But don't stop there, he can use chakra strings but have it different like say they can only control people or maybe even animals.

Extra conditions:

1. Normally I don't like harems that are waaayyy too big... but for this one I can make an excemption

2. Naruto can either stay in Konoha or not, but never send him to Iwa or Oto for this one

3. Give him a companion that will stay with him. Your choice if this is an OC or a regular character

4. Bashing is optional but don't over exaggerate it, they can become annoying at times

5 The Yondaime MUST meet with Naruto at least once some point. After hat you can kill him, have him move on, make him stay, etc

6. Crossovers are optional, but inform me on what it crossovers with.

7. Collaborating with another author is allowed and encouraged( I enjoy reading the works of others, especially group ones)

E. The Forgetful Mercenary = in this challenge Minato Namikaze survives the kyuubi attack but is not found by Konoha ninjas. When he wakes up he will receive amnesia and only remember that he has a son/daughter. He cannot remember his name at all.

1. Konoha MUST be dark/evil/corrupt

2. Minato must somehow have been used or controlled until the Kyuubi attack

3. Naruto must be rescued/found by Minato after he get's beaten, or after running away

4. Minato's appearance must change in some way, and he must be invited to join in by some group.

F. My demonic Brother = In this story I was wondering what would happen if Kyuubi was still a teenager in demon times and the bijuus turn into the same age as their containers or close to it? And how about if the kyuubi that got sealed into Naruto was just the son of the actual kyuubi and becomes friends with Naruto?


1. The Kyuubi sealed in Naruto must be a BOY and Naruto must be a GIRL(I've seen a lot of femKyuubiXNaruto but not enough femNaruXMaleKyuubi)

2. Harems are allowed but make it reasonable on why they would join, and please don't put too many it's just rather redundant

3. As stated the Kyuubi sealed in Naruto must still be relatively young and become friends with Naruto, perhaps even be her mate.

Story Ideas: Take'em if you wish just tell me. oh yeah, for the ideas I want you guys to pm me if you want to take them. Go wild on them add in your own Oc's, change the storyline, stick to the cannon or whatever! I just want to see some the story come to life. You can even have Naruto as a girl if you wish

Pokemon Ideas:

1. Pokemon League Medieval style! = we've all read about how Ash gets sent to the past right? Now imagine if they have an ancient style of official pokemon battles? How do you think they would've done it? Do they have to be some sort of rich nobility that has hired servants to carry the pokemons around, do they have some sort of mythical powers that call for the pokemon,do they have to tame the pokemon first? How about Ash? Will he still be able to use his pokeballs and have Celebi switch them at will? Will he have a legendary pokemon as company? What about his companions? Will he travel alone, with modern time people, or some medieval locals?

Naruto Ideas

1. Puppet Family = What if Naruto's family became living puppets after the sealing? What if they had been with Naruto from the very beginning? What if Naruto was given the ability to make a soul bound to a puppet? Go wild here, you can have the puppets be small, big, gigantic, even microscopic!

2. Envoy of Amaterasu = For this idea, we take Okami and mix it up a little with Naruto-verse. Imagine Naruto ending up with the power of the brushgods? More specifically, Ammy, or Amaterasu's powers, Including her divine instruments as his weapons. Now to make sure that he isn't overpowered, his powers are limited by the amount of Divine Ink that he has, which automatically refills like the one in Okami.

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