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We are a group of writers and lazy bastards that work on Fanfiction together. We enjoy relaxation, binge drinking, and money.

Our chief writer is James W Garrett, the well known professional procrastinator from such works as Life the Universe and Nothing in Particular. Throughout his short time on the internet he has writer almost fifteen works of art, and then didn't bother to post them up (Lazy asshole), but since he's the only one who can put our crazy ass idea's down on paper, we put up with him.

Plans for The Wolf: I'm cutting this story from the record when I get the time. Nothing with it satisfies me anymore, and I wish to continue with the more stimulating projects.

Plans for Mass Murder A Tale of Confusion: Earth to Shanxi to the Citadel to far off Prothean outposts. It's a wild ride that'll be done very soon. Characters will be mostly OC with six main self inserts. The entire Redentor Publications team will be taking part, and also some freelance idea-men. Its a huge project, so don't expect it to be finished anytime soon.

Once I've finished this epic adventure I will be open to idea's for new stories and epic's. I will also accept PM's asking me to fit your own OC into the story as major characters.

Also, check out our new Skyrim blog at http:///

It is a narrative based blog centred around Rathbjorn, a character created by us for one of our projects.


On the 27th of the second, 2013, Affian Muhammad Arif of Redentor Publications passed away during the night. This came as a shock to all of us who knew him, and even though we spend a lot of our time collectively, finding the right words to express our ideas and stories, no words can be found now to express the sorrow we feel. Any words we once had now feel inadequate, and a lot of the light that once filled our lives has gone out.

Affian was One of Us. That may not mean much to people who do not know us personally, but we are very solitary people. When someone is One of Us, it means more than just friendship. Affian was, and will always be our brother; when he died, a piece of us died with him, and whenever we look at each other, we will think of him.

At this moment I do not know what else to say. Words are failing me, fickle, unreliable creations of the human mind that they are. I do know this however, I shall continue to write. We shall continue to write, and the heaviness of our hearts will not slow our dogged march. Affian had a claim on our stories, in the same way we all did, and it would be an insult to him and to all we promised him if we stopped now. So rest now Affian, I will finish this project in your honour, and may it stand for years to come in memory of the one we called Iceman, Asian Hitman, One of Us.

The Redentor Publication Team:

Sean Ardener: Commander in Chief

Darren Marsh: Crazy Homicidal Buddha

Lee Crancher: Comedy and Jokes Department

James Garrett: Editor and Writer

Affian Arif: Ice-Cold Hitman (Deceased)

Curtis Mason: Resident Black Man

We currently beta-read for two people. The first of which does not wish at this time for his identity to be public, but the second is the esteemed and newly established writer RosoMC. His story and profile are here:



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