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Joined Jun '11

(BTW: i wrote this profile description a LONG time ago and now i almost embarrassed enough to get over my laziness and rewrite it... but not yet -_-)

About Me:


Well, i reap souls as a part time job (i have a great internship in the Demon Council). Otherwise i like writing/drawing Manga (hint-hint)


I graduated from the DWMA a while back ;P


Death, Anime, Demons, Manga, Reading/Writing said manga, Piano & Violin (i play both). I also have i keen interest for sharp objects (katanas, shurikens, knives, etc.) and hats with animal ears (i hav a large collection now... and yes i even weird myself out sometimes)

Fav TV Shows/Movies:

Pretty much all British Scyfy, Horror, and Comedy shows.
i lik too many Japanese anime 2 count
Korean Dramas (i got addicted)
and a VERY select few American shows (how i met your mother, warehouse 13, and lie to me) c;

Fav Music:

Rock, Metal, Electric, J-Pop/Rock, K-Pop/Rock, and Classical Music.

Fav Books:

...all of them... (idk how accurate this statement is, but lets go w/ it)

How I would describe myself:

wow... is this a trick question? i dont kno ANYONE who can describe themselves accurately, because were all naturally bias! (especially someone so inhumanly AWESOME as myself.) a couple things i DO kno about myself are: i dislike anything homophobic, racist, hateful, hypocritical, or unoriginal to a persons beliefs. ya pretty classy, huh? i also worship David Bowie and practice Bowieism regularly (Google it). i could mention some more things about anime, blah, cosplay, blah, animal ear fetish, blah, Shinigami (death gods), blah, and demon butlers, but thats all i really hav 2 say on dat topic (u dont wanna kno)

I am a ADHD dramatic ;P
I love reading and writing (of coarse)
I love animals of all kinds (except spiders *yuk*... ill let a python around my neck ANY DAY, cuz i LUV snakes, but not a spider.)
I play both the violin and the piano
I am the definition of procrastinator

(BTW#2:u can SERIOUSLY ignore this profile until further notice bcuz even i think it sucks. im concidering getting a whole new account all2getha *shrugs shouders*)

...NOW 4 DA GOOD STUFF ... . . . . ... ANIME AND MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Action: u kno dat moment wen da main character suddenly goes all badass on da bad guy and ur lik "WOOT!!! F* YEAH! XD" well if so, let me kno, so i kno im not alone on da subject c:


Love Is Love + = Agree? Put this on your Profile

Yaoi: such a small word... but its holds so much in it ;P so anyway, i like pretty much all yaoi (from BL to hard core) i especially like it when im watching a perfectly normal anime and a new pairing comes to me so i immediately go to read all of the fanfics/doujinshis XD some of my favorite pairings so far are: SebastianxCiel UndertakerxGrell (Kuroshitsuji), LavixAllen KandaxAllen KroryxAllen (D. Gray Man), GokuderaxTsuna (Hitman Reborn!), DracoxHarry (Harry Potter), DoumekixWatanuki (XXXHolic), IchigoxRenji IchigoxHichigo IchigoxIhsida (Bleach), GermanyxItaly USxUK AustriaxPrussia RussiaxChina (Hetalia), VashxWolfwood (Trigun) ... ... gods dat waz long. and the sad thing is that there sooo many more i could list, but i appear pathetic enough @ this point ;P

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