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Welcome to my profile page! If you're here that means you are interested in my person, maybe because of one of my stories or maybe because of a review I left on your stories. Well, as it is, I better introduce myself then, right? As you know, my pen name is Liantei but it used to be VampGurl101 (I know total cliche!)

I'm 18 years old and I live in San Fernando, California. I'm kinda short (5'4), of average weight (51 kg) and average looks (long, brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin), the kind of person which gets easily lost in a crowd. I'm somewhat introverted as I don't like to go to parties or other things like that, preferring to spend my time reading a good book, a fanfiction story (yes, I do love slash/femslash stories too, so for the homophobes out there; go away) I like to think of myself as pretty friendly, though a bit shy with strangers. My favorite color is purple (for now), I like to listen to music while I write or read and, what I absolutely detest with a passion, is PREJUDICE! I mean, I understand that some find some things/persons/ideas unacceptable and I don't say that they HAVE to like them or anything but they should at least IGNORE them and not insult or try to impose their own views upon others.

I'm an avid reader and I love all kinds of books, no matter the genre. I can read anything as long as it has got a good plot and a writing style that can keep me hooked. I joined 6 years ago, I think, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the talented authors and awesome stories I came across within it.


(Here are a bunch of prompts, mostly things I'd like to see but I'm not much of a writer, unfortunately.)

Avengers/Marvel Universe:

How about for a Black Widow-centric fanfic, the Red Room attempts to reclaim her and the Avengers take to that idea with extreme prejudice? ...You know, that would make for a good movie :) An Avengers Captain America fanfic prompt wherein Steve and Bucky's whole lives were switched around: as in Steve was the one who took care of a sickly Bucky and Bucky is the one who gets the serum and Steve is the Winter Soldier and Bucky is Captain America. And after Bucky is revived from the ice while mourning Steve and all his friends he slowly begins to fall for Tony Stark. And the Winter Soldier isn't pleased with that, not at all. Steve remembers Bucky if only a little but what he really remembers is that Bucky was his, and he feels that Bucky needs to remember that. So basically, I want a fanfic where CA!Bucky is torn between his past (WS!Steve) and his present (IM!Tony). Sorry if the prompt is a bit long-winded and disjointed. And if you were going to complete my prompt I'd prefer if you made it into an actual fic and not a one-shot, please. Tony Stark travels the multiverse and finds many universes where he and Steve Rogers are together romantically and is incredibly weirded out until suddenly he isn't. How about an Avengers Tony-Centric fanfic where Tony has changed a lot from the irresponsible playboy he was before and yet no one seems to really notice/care. He does an incredible amount of work for both SI, the Avengers, and SHIELD while also being an amazing superhero and no one seems to really realize how much he does. That quickly changes however when Tony gets a head injury as Iron Man that gives him amnesia and causes him to forget the last couple years, meaning he's back to how he was before and everyone is completely shocked at how off-the-rails he is and they start noticing a crap load of things not being done and they slowly realize everything Tony has done for them and they're incredibly guilt-ridden over how they've mistreated him and they just want their Tony back. I'd love to see a Steve/Tony kissing one-shot about Tony being sent to a different universe and he gets found by Captain America and the Avengers and when trying to get him home kissing ensues. I'd prefer it if Tony was completely oblivious of that Steve's interest and was just focused on getting home while that universe's Steve was just interested in getting Tony. Maybe you could even have Tony's home universe trying to get him home as well. I'd like to see an Avenger's fanfic centered on the relationship of Bucky Barnes and Darcy Lewis; not a romantic relationship, but a big brother/little sister relationship- like maybe Bucky centers his big brother-overprotectiveness that he used to keep on Steve onto Darcy or something. (This is one of my favorite prompts- I really hope someone takes it): An Iron Man/Avengers fanfic where Tony is torn between Steve Rogers/Captain America and Pepper Potts. Like I want to see Pepper/Tony and Steve/Tony but I don't want a threesome. I want Pepper and Steve incredibly jealous of each other and competing for Tony's affections with Tony none the wiser. Maybe you could make Pepper have some stabilized Extremis powers to even the playing field between her and Steve, and I'd also like it if you made Tony younger than he is in the MCU verse. A Steve/Tony fanfic prompt based in a soulmate-AU verse where everyone has a set of numbers on their wrist like a watch that counts down how long they have to go before they meet their soulmate and Tony- being the self-deprecating, self-destructive man he is- figured that no one deserved to have to put up with him/figured that no one could possibly love him and thus he did everything possible to avoid meeting his soulmate. Like whenever a decision he was about to make was going to shorten the time he had left until his soulmate came he would automatically do the exact opposite of his previous decision. Fem!Tony has always been seen as an incredibly strong woman by her teammates, the Avengers, and they're incredibly stunned when they find out that there's one villain that she just can't fight. I keep imagining Fem!Tony just standing there with the most heartrending look on her face, like someone just ripped her heart out while Male!Pepper, the one who put that look there and who is leaning so close to her it looks like they're about to kiss, just smirks. I keep thinking about a dream I had where Male!Pepper, who has always been Fem!Tony's rock, is secretly a villain and Pepper is determined to turn Tony to the side of evil as well, which the Avengers are attempting to prevent. Basically, a fic where Fem!Tony is torn between the love of her life, and her morals and team and she doesn't know what to do. An Avengers/Marvel fanfic wherein after Steve did some kind of kind act for a supervillain (possibly by accident), the supervillain (maybe Loki) looks into Steve's heart to find his greatest, most hidden desire and after finding out that that desire was Tony Stark, the supervillain as a type of gratitude to the Captain, compells Tony to fall in love with Steve when previously Tony honestly kind of hated him (or just saw him as a best friend- your choice) and while at first, Steve is horrified at the villain had done, he eventually loses his self-control and takes advantage of it. And while most of the Avengers are surprised but not unpleasantly so, a few of them (Rhodey, Pepper, Natasha, etc.) are very suspicious (because of whatever reasons you want and begin to investigate. They soon find out what happened and are disgusted at what Steve's done and horrified on Tony's behalf and try to break the curse/spell. Steve attempts to stop them. An Avengers/Agents of SHIELD fanfic crossover soulmate AU idea based on a Tony/Skye/Steve love triangle wherein Tony was previously Skye's only soulmate but after she gains her power from the obelisk, Steve also becomes her soulmate and this causes a lot of trouble. Maybe you could even have it in a Civil War fanfic if you really want to up the angst level. I kind of thought of it as though the old 'pre-powers' Skye was purely Tony's soulmate, while the new Skye (or Daisy if you prefer) is purely Steve's soulmate and so now practically Skye's whole being is torn between the two and it causes her some serious problems. How about a fanfic based on one of my favorite quotes: "I'll stand up for what I believe in, even if that means standing alone." Possibly set in a Marvel Civil War fanfic? (Maybe in Tony's POV??) Either an Avengers or Iron Man fanfic wherein Tony/Iron Man died not long ago and everyone is in the middle of mourning when an alternate version of Tony Stark/Iron Man from a different dimension is accidently sent to their universe and it appears that he is here to stay.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

A Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic where it is Percy/Apollo-centric and Apollo is clearly the submissive one. I would prefer that it would be where Percy is in his mid-twenties or so and Apollo always looks like a slim teenager- whether it's because that is his real form or he just prefers that look, though the former is preferable- this is optional, but I would like it if Percy was immortal, whether because he's a god or the curse of Achilles, whatever you decide. How about a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic centered on Piper M./Jason G. where Piper uses her Charmspeak on Jason, it can be a fun little smutty one-shot where the charmspeak is used as a unique form of bondage or it can be something a lot more insidious, where Piper uses her Charmspeak to force Jason to love her or something- Your choice. PJO prompt where a god or goddess wants to see what the human world is really like and so they decide to mascarade as their own demi-god. Maybe they'll even actually somehow dampen most of their powers and their memories to make the illusion more realistic. I'd love to see maybe Athena, Apollo, or Ares. And if you wanted to make a really big controversial fanfic you could even have Hera do it. PJO prompt where all the gods band together and actually act like the family they are after one of their own gets really hurt (maybe Apollo or Hestia) as a result of one of their stupid squabbles. (Another Fav) PJO prompt wherein Hestia starts a God-sanctioned orphanage because since she doesn't have kids she's not technically breaking the Ancient Laws and let's be honest here, how much do you want to bet that in a PJO universe loads of mortal parents can't handle raising a demigod and abandon them to either the streets or an orphanage- ergo. I bet monsters love to work in orphanages, thus, a safe one run by a god or someone in the know of the gods and powerful enough to be left alone is a very smart idea. Gods who discover their children being mistreated by their mortal parents/guardians would also be able to send their kids there too. A PJO & Naruto crossover where a young Tsunade becomes a Hunter of Artemis (I mean, come on! How cool would it be for there to be a super strong, immortally young, badass medic? And hey, maybe that could be the reason Tsunade looks so young instead of a glamour?)

Harry Potter (and crossovers)

You know how in Harry Potter fanfiction you sometimes read about childrens' storybooks written about Harry where he tamed a dragon when he was three and he had a nundu as a pet and he had a harem of veelas and other ridiculous things like that? Well, wouldn't it be interesting if that was all true? I want to see an incredibly overpowered Harry. Like so incredibly overpowered that he could squish both Voldemort and Dumbledore like bugs. Harry Potter as the Winter Soldier: maybe Harry wasn't going according to Dumbledore's plan and so he tortured Harry catatonic and imprinted orders deep into his subconscious- such as he was to always follow his handlers' orders, and Dumbledore and his people turn Harry into a weapon the likes of which the wizarding world has never seen but Harry's personality was stronger than they had thought and he breaks free. He knows that they will never let him escape so to throw them off temporarily he somehow travels to the Marvel universe where he meets Steve Rogers and James 'Bucky' Barnes aka Captain America and that universe's Winter Soldier and they help him and eventually fall in love. A couple years later and WS!Harry Potter's handlers come for him but Steve and Bucky don't like that... they don't like that at all. Fem!Harry Potter is Emma Frost from X-Men; like maybe Fem!Harry had a horrible childhood and wished to never be harmed again and so her accidental magic activated her X-gene and maybe manipulated the gene to produce Fem!Harry-soon-to-be-Emma's diamond form so no attacks would harm her and her powerful telepathy so she would always know everyone's intentions and she would never be caught off guard by cruelty. How about a crack-fic where a religious muggleborn kills Voldemort by shouting an exorcism at him?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and crossovers):

BTVS: What if Xander never had an affair with Willow? Or what if Xander and Willow's affair was caused by Willow spelling Xander with a lust/love spell and Cordelia found out about it. BTVS fanfic prompt where Willow and Xander's roles in the Scooby gang were reversed. Xander was the one who had the magical talent and Willow was the one who kept getting possessed and had magic go all wonky around her. Maybe Willow could have even been the one who got possessed by a hyena and almost raped Xander if not for Buffy saving him. A Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Charmed fanfic wherein after Tara was shot and killed, she was sent back by the Elders to be Willow's whitelighter (possibly to prevent Willow from killing them all in an attempt to bring Tara back to life) Buffy Summers from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is the twin sister of Dean Winchester from 'Supernatural'. I mean, think about it, they look very similar and live in similar supernaturally-inclined worlds too. Buffy has blonde hair and green eyes, Dean has blonde hair and green eyes. They both share a certain irreverent and flippant attitude designed to hide their intelligence and make others underestimate them. They both died and had to crawl out of their graves(?) though one came back from heaven and the other from hell. It's practically a match made in heaven (or hell, whichever). Dean Winchester as a teenager becomes classmates and friends with the Scooby Gang (aka Buffy, Xander, & Willow)

DC Universe (Young Justice, Justice League, Flash, Arrow, etc.)

Wally West (You can make it the Kid Flash or Flash version) is actually an Olympian God who tore out his 'Godliness' or 'divine powers' and has no idea who he is (maybe he's Hermes or Apollo). This whole time the other Olympians were looking for him and when they find him, they attempt to take him back by force. Only to find that the Justice League (and/or maybe Young Justice) don't like that. So it would basically be a tug-of-war between the Gods and the heroes with Wally right in the middle. There doesn't have to be a specific pairing, maybe everyone just has a thing for him and it's obvious to everyone but him. (It can be a Percy Jackson & Young Justice/Justice League crossover if you want) [Someone else has already started this prompt but feel free to do your own take on it] What if instead of Connor/Superboy being incredibly angry after being freed from Cadmus he was instead very happy, innocent, and naive? Basically a Boy-scout (Get it? Batman's fav nickname for Superman?) Young Justice fanfic Prompt A Smallville fanfic prompt where Green Arrow had another secret he never told, he was a mutant/meteor freak and his mutation was big white feathered wings (Like Warren Worthington) and he managed to create a device to hide them but it never accounted for Clark Kent's superhuman senses. Preferably a Clark Kent/Oliver Queen pairing where Clark is the pursuer of the relationship Young Justice prompt where the team; (Wally, Robin, Artemis, Megan, Kaldur, & Connor) go to a baseball game- whether it's as civilians or heroes is your choice and whoever is manning the camera has a fixation on Wally and has the camera focused on him for practically the whole game, especially so when Wally was eating his ice cream *hint, hint* and the camera guy either accidentally or purposely puts the footage of Wally on the big screen in the stadium and everyone is all of a sudden mesmerized by the sight and the Team (except Wally) quickly realize what's happened and get super overprotective. A Flash fanfic prompt wherein someone becomes obsessed with Barry Allen and becomes obsessed with having him. (It could be anyone you like, one of his villains, Cisco, Caitlin, or even Oliver Queen) And somehow they manage to create a material that when in contact with Barry magically forces his body to slow down (I'm thinking some bondage rope) I think you, the writer, can take it from here. An Arrows fanfic prompt that shows an introspective Thea Queen pondering about how while Oliver may think that he needs to protect her, in reality, it's really the other way around. Oliver is the sibling with the heart of a hero, the one who when pushed can kill, but will never have death as anything but the last option. Meanwhile, Thea is the one who protects Oliver from the people his heart won't let him fight, she is the one who will gladly kill anyone who dares to threaten her small makeshift family. A Justice League or at least a DC fanfic prompt wherein the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, is a lot younger than everyone had thought. He was assumed to be in his early to mid-thirties when in reality, he's actually barely twenty-three. How this is found out by the rest of Justice League is that an opponent of theirs, a magic-user even, decides to torment the league by hurting one of their most beloved members. However, the magician isn't incredibly familiar with the Justice League so to figure out who to target, he uses a spell to find the youngest member of the League/youngest & most longtime member of the League and then sends a Fairytale curse at him. You can decide what curse you want, whether it's a Sleeping Beauty curse, or a Snow White one or what. A YJ fanfic prompt wherein one of Wally's ancestors on his mother's side was a great magician who had stolen from the Fae and as a consequence of his reckless decision, he had a curse cast on his family line that in a time far off, all of his descendants will be undone- every atom and every molecule, once the curse has been activated, his line will be no more. In fear for his descendent's lives, he decreed to his family that the story of his idiotic folly will be told to every child born of his line in the hopes that his descendants would be able to undo the spell. Wally, having heard of this tale many times from his mother, disbelieved of the existence of the Fae, his so-called 'magician' ancestor, and indeed, the very existence of magic itself and was sure it was a simple myth. When the curse activates, the only reason Wally hasn't died immediately like the rest of his maternal family is because of his connection to the Speed Force temporarily sustaining him, but with the deletion of his maternal genes, his hold onto life is perilously close to its end. What will his friends and remaining family do? I'd love to see a Flash/DC Universe (Whichever DC fandom you want to pair Flash with) crossover where Flash ends up crossing over into another dimension by accident and has to wait at least 4 months for his friends to create another portal for him to travel back and in the meantime, everyone on the Justice League and especially in the Flash family is just tripping out over this cute, gangly, innocent version of Barry Allen and trying to figure out how in the heck the guy is the dimensional analogue of their Barry Allen and just weirdness ensues. Conner Kent (Kon/Superboy) is a very naive, innocent, happy-go-lucky person who never seems to realize that there are some seriously bad people out there and regardless of his strong power he needs a protector, someone who will make sure that Kon doesn't get himself kidnapped by some pedophile with kryptonite. Tim (Tim Drake/Robin/Red Robin) volunteers for the job. Overprotective!Tim Drake, Possible Possessive!Tim A Young Justice prompt fanfic idea based on the song 'Next to Normal - Superboy' and the Invisible Girl. Like maybe you could make the fic focused on Megan's (Miss Martian) POV where she doesn't think she's worthy of Superboy and she thinks that he'll never notice her. I'd prefer that you'd make Superboy a bit OOC so he fits more closely to the song but you can do whatever.


Supernatural prompt where in Sam is the elder brother and he's an elder brother with a plan, he ends up legitimately getting his father, John Winchester arrested for child abuse and gets custody of his younger brother Dean. And also, just imagine how overprotective Sam would be of his younger, shorter, and much prettier brother Dean. How about a Supernatural fanfic featuring a love triangle between Lucifer/Gabriel/Sam, wherein Lucifer has been in love with Gabriel since Gabriel was created while Gabriel only ever saw Lucifer as a brother. After Lucifer fell from heaven and Gabriel began masquerading as a Pagan god, Gabriel eventually met Sam and they fell in love. However, when Lucifer finds out, he is pissed and vows to turn Sam into his vessel in the vain hope that this will make Gabriel finally love him back. A supernatural fanfic where after Dean was de-aged, he was unable to be turned back and was forced to grow up the long way-- maybe his mentality even started de-aging after a while


A Twilight (and Doctor who) Bella/Jasper fanfic where their relationship is based on River Song/Doctor. Bella is a vampire with the ability to control time and who has appeared in Jasper's life many times, he never really knows who she is and yet she always knows him (until she doesn't)

Teen Wolf:

A teen wolf fanfic prompt where when Scott was first turned into a werewolf his anchor was Stiles instead of Allison, it doesn't have to be romantic. I just want to see a TW fanfic where Scott and Stiles actually do act like the brothers they so often say they are. Teen Wolf prompt that focuses on the Scott & Stiles friendship and the results of so many years together. Like I want to see a fanfic where Scott & Stiles are going up against a creature that tore through the rest of the pack (metaphorically) but Scott & Stiles are so in tune with each other that they come up with a plan really easily and execute it all without saying a word and afterward the rest of the pack is just like What the Fuck just Happened?!? and Stiles and Scott are incredibly nonchalant about it.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

I've got a great idea for a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic prompt where Roy Mustang is a serial killer masquerading as a police officer who ends up falling in love with Edward Elric, the district's best forensic scientist who's solved dozens and dozens of previously thought unsolvable cases. Edward has absolutely no idea that Roy is a serial killer and even less of an idea that Roy is in love with him. Alphonse knew it all along though.


Sherlock fanfic prompt: What if Sherlock was surprisingly young and that was one of the many reasons that Mycroft was so overprotective of him. And John never really realized just how young Sherlock was and so when John contemplated the idea of a relationship between them that was never really one of the obstacles he saw stacked against them. Age Difference, Innocent!Virgin!Shy Sherlock, Shocked!Surprised!John, Overprotective!Possessive (in a non-sexual way) Mycroft

Kuroko No Basuke:

I want to see a Kuroko no Basuke fanfic where Aomine is a vampire who falls in love with Kise because of his light and innocence and yet is oddly reluctant to actually enter a relationship with him because he doesn't wish to taint Kise's beautiful light with his overwhelming darkness and bestial anger.

Mortal Instruments:

How about a Mortal Instruments fanfic where Alec was actually an archangel in disguise as a human (maybe Gabriel or Raphael or even Michael [actually Michael would fit really well, what with the whole dutiful first son thing]) and the archangel became human temporarily because he wished to know what humans were like and he ends up having to reveal himself after the Shadowhunters come up against a True Demon too tough for them to face.

Hetalia - Axis Powers:

An Avengers/Hetalia crossover because has no one ever noticed just how similar in looks Captain America/Steve Rogers in Avengers and America/Alfred Jones in Hetalia are? I mean ignoring the whole America thing they have similar facial features in hair/eye color, they are both incredibly strong, etc. So wouldn't it be interesting to see a crossover where we find out that they are the same person, maybe via reincarnation or something or they are related somehow?

Vampire Knight:

A Vampire Knight prompt where in Maria, who turned Zero into a vampire, comes back to claim Zero as hers (in a romantic sense) and the one who is interested in Zero has several severe problems with that [depending on whether you're into yaoi or hentai- it could be either Kaname or Yuki, though if it's Yuki she has to be a vampire to even the playing field] and maybe Kaname or Yuki sees her as an even bigger threat because Zero is actually genuinely interested in her because she's manipulating the vampiric sire bond between them to become romantic and Kaname/Yuki decides that they have to claim Zero (in a sexual way) to prevent Maria from taking him from them. I warn you that I'm not really that familiar with the series so I could be completely wrong about some parts but this is just my prompt, you don't have to use it.

Vampire Diaries:

Vampire Diaries fanfic wherein Elena loses her memory (perhaps permanently) and after hearing about all of the things she's done, ends up hating the person she used to be and how callously she treated those she claimed she loved. This new Elena is a lot more conscious about everyone else's feelings and treats her friends and family much better than the old Elena ever did.


A Merlin fanfic prompt wherein while Arthur and Gwen are married, they aren't in love and are instead best friends. Arthur is well aware of Lancelot and Gwen's relationship and doesn't begrudge it at all, but eventually, someone else finds out about their affair and Arthur has to do some quick damage control to prevent someone from alerting the rest of the court to their queen's indiscretions. He tells the person that Lancelot, Gwen, and he are in a polyamorous threesome and are all seeing each other in a romantic capacity.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

A Katekyo Hitman Reborn & Naruto fanfic crossover wherein Sakura is an incredibly strong Sun who is on contract with the Vongola Family to be a bodyguard to Tsuna while he's learning/training under Reborn and gathering up his Guardians. I mean just think about it! Sakura is an incredible healer, a Sun characteristic (Just change the color of her healing chakra from green to yellow and you're good). She has a super-strength technique, a Sun Activation characteristic. And she's very loud like Suns can be and she's also rather volatile so maybe you could even make her have some Storm characteristics too?


Soulmates AU fanfic prompt: What if each pair of soulmates had words from different points in their life? One of them has the first words their soulmate said and the other has the last words their soulmate said. I've managed to protect you with our Family name but if you leave the Family I won't be able to do that anymore. They'll hunt you to the ends of the Earth! They'll follow you anywhere and anywhen! - Idea for a fanfic around this phrase: Interdimensional and time-travelling bounty hunters. A Soulmate AU prompt wherein every masked 'vigilante', whether a superhero, a villain, or in-between, has two different soulmarks. One for their super-side and one for their civilian identity and the Super inevitably has to choose between two soulmates, the one who completes them as a masked vigilante or the one who completes them as their ordinary- secret identity- self. Or alternately, every vigilante's soulmate has two different soulmarks from the same person, one is the first words said from their superhero/villain identity, and the other is said from their civilian identity.

I don't really mind what you do with them as long as you say where you got the idea from and you PM me if you plan to use any of these.

Now for some SPAM, or Stupid Pointless Annoying Mail

Spread the Stupidity

Only in America drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

Only in America people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

Only in America banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

Only in America we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

Only in America we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

Only in America we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'.

Only in America ... they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.

There is nothing wrong with any religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender. If you believe in tolerance towards all people, copy and paste this into your profile.

Dear bullies,
See that boy doing his homework in homeroom? Last night he Talked His friend out of suicide.
See that girl you just called fat? She is starving herself.
See that old man you made fun of cause of the ugly scars? He fought for our country.
See that young boy you just made fun of for always being sick? He has to walk home in the snow cause his family is too poor.
Re-Post this if you are against bullying. I bet 90% of you won't.

These are supposedly actual answering machine announcements.

1. My wife and I can't come to the phone right now, but if you'll leave your name and number, we'll get back to you as soon as we're finished.

2. A is for academics, B is for beer. One of those reasons is why we're not here. So, leave a message.

3. Hi. This is John: If you are the phone company, I already sent the money. If you are my parents, please send money. If you are my financial aid institution, you didn't lend me enough money. If you are my friends, you owe me money. If you are a female, don't worry, I have plenty of money.

4. Hi. Now you say something.

5. Hi, I'm not home right now, but my answering machine is, so you can talk to it instead. Wait for the beep.

6. Hello. I am David's answering machine. What are you?

7. Hello! If you leave a message, I'll call you soon. If you leave a "sexy" message, I'll call sooner!

8. Hi! John's answering machine is broken This is his refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your message to myself with one of these magnets.

9. Hello, you are talking to a machine. I am capable of receiving messages. My owners do not need siding, windows or a hot tub, and their carpets are clean. They give to charity through their office and do not need their picture taken. If you're still with me, leave your name and number and they will get back to you.

10. This is not an answering machine - this is a telepathic thought-recording device. After the tone, think about your name, your number and your reason for calling, and I'll think about returning your call.

11. Hi. I'm probably home, I'm just avoiding someone I don't like. Leave me a message, and if I don't call back, it's you.

12. Hi, this is George. I'm sorry I can't answer the phone right now. Leave a message and then wait by your phone until I call you back.

13. If you are a burglar, then we're probably at home cleaning our weapons right now and can't come to the phone. Otherwise, we probably aren't home and it's safe to leave a message.

14. Please leave a message. However, you have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will be recorded and will be used by us.

15. Hello, you've reached Jim and Sonya. We can't pick up the phone right now because we're doing something we really enjoy. Sonya likes doing it up and down, and I like doing it left to right... real slowly. So leave a message, and when we're done brushing our teeth we'll get back to you.

Here's an awesome quote from another author:
"I've found that Harry Potter fanfiction is like chocolate. It mixes well with everything, it comes in all sorts of variations, you can never have too much of it when you don't have any you're thinking about it, and even when you do have some you're already planning how to get more. Above all, it sucks in its original unprocessed form." - Lightning Skies (So true! I was bit tempted to say amen after reading this! lol)

Random Quotes (Sorry it's kind of lengthy):

I'm not Superman. So I can't say anything big like I'll protect everyone on Earth. I'm not a modest guy who will say it's enough if I can protect as many people as my two hands can handle either. I want to protect... a mountain-load of people. - Ichigo (Bleach)

He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armor shouting "All the Gods are bastards." – Terry Pratchett (Author)

“To limit the press is to insult a nation; to prohibit reading of certain books is to declare the inhabitants to be either fools or slaves: such a prohibition ought to fill them with disdain.” ― Claude Adrien Helvétius,

A man has a code of honor, a set of rules he will always obey, no matter how evil or few they may seem. - Unknown

"All I see in your sword is fear. If I dodge, I'm afraid of being hit. If I'm protecting someone, I'm afraid they'll die. If I attack, I'm afraid I'll cut them. There is no place for fear here. Do you see the resolve to cut you in my blade? If I dodge, I won't let you hit me. If I'm protecting someone, I won't let them die. If I'm attacking, I will cut you." -Urahara Kisuke, Bleach.

"Christianity : The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense." - Christopher Hitchens

"From the day I was born until the day I die, the only side I'm on is mine," - Saiyuki

"They know what freedom is. And they're willing to fight for it. I only gave them a chance."

"There are two things that one could give to their children –or grandchildren in your case: One is roots. The other is wings."
- OP - Ten Years Make No Difference Ch: 5 by: YohoAruto

“The true measure of a shinobi is not how he lives but how he dies. It’s not what they do in life but what they did before dying that proves their worth." - Jiraiya

“I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.” - Higurashi Kagome

“I don’t want to conquer anything. I just think that the guy with the most freedom in this ocean is the Pirate King!” Monkey D. Luffy

"You throw everything you've lived for aside like it was nothing. Killing this creep doesn't make you as bad as the scum we hunt. It makes you worse. Because they never stood for anything." - Nightwing

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent

“Everybody lies.” Xander shrugged, “The guilty lie because they have no choice, and the innocent lie because they don't want to get blamed for something they didn't do.” - BTVS - Tales From The Barman CH: 83

“To finally defeat the Evils of the World, first we must defeat the Apathy of its People.” - BTVS - Tales From The Barman CH: 108

"War is old men talking and young men dying." - FSNFZ - The Hill of Swords Ch: 9

"One cannot save everyone, that's what I learned as a hero. But being a hero means trying anyway." - HPFSN - FateProphecy Break CH: 2

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life" - Winston Churchill

"Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." – G.K. Chesterton.

The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.

There comes a point when enough is on the line that fear stops being an option.

"Dead men will have indeed died in vain, if living men refuse to look at them." - Margaret Bourke White (I love this one! It's so true! Historical quotes for the win!)

You don’t know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have

"Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough. You need to accept that you are who you are, and who you are is fucking awesome."

Sometimes bravery is a quiet voice asking for help, when they don't think they'll receive it - Anon

Sometimes, life doesn't give you something you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve more...
- ASH - All the rules of logic don't apply

There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't jump puddles for you.

I love New York. You can pop out of the Underworld in Central Park, hail a taxi, head down Fifth Avenue with a giant hellhound loping behind you, and nobody even looks at you funny.” ― Rick Riordan

"Truth is: I didn't choose to be strong 24/7, but I don't have the luxury of letting my guard down, cause there is no knight in a shining armor to protect me. I have to protect myself, I have to carry the sword and slay my own dragons." -VJ-

Women in a man’s world, We have to be twice what they are to get half the credit.

“If you don't turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else's story.” - The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, by Terry Pratchett

"Maybe death is the great equalizer, the one big thing that can finally make strangers shed a tear for one another."
-- Mitch Albom in Tuesdays with Morrie (1997)

There are two great days in a person's life, the day we are born and the day we discover why.

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." - Robert Brault

"You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it."

Some people will always need help. That doesn't mean they're not worth helping. - Meera Reed (Game of Thrones)

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