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Hi all, I am LaughterGirl~

I am more of a daydreamer than a writer, always have been, it’s one of my favorite past times to just sit, close my eyes and imagine a different world, either altering the one around me or imagining an entirely new one and so when I discovered fanfiction I was very pleased as I had often since a child really read a book and then close it on certain spot and then start daydreaming a different way the scene could have gone or what I would have liked the characters to have said. I love fanfiction, imagining another’s world and changing it's story line to something else takes a skill and a great imagination and no lack of creativity and I have the greatest respect for the amazing authors of fanfiction.

I admit that I need to work more on writing out the stories I imagine for they have crowded my head a bit too much at the moment but till I get around to that I will stick to reading more fanfics and reviewing them, which is another love of mine, I really love searching for stories, reading them and letting the author know my thoughts on the story, I myself know the awesome feeling of being told that a story of mine is great etc. so to be able to give that little piece of happiness to fellow authors brings me quite a happy feeling.

I also really love finding a well written fanfiction, where the author manages to capture the essence of the world they are drawing from, with long detailed & humorous chapters and many many chapters. I am not that much of a grammar Nazi, only slightly, if the story is really good I will try and make the effort to read through it however if the grammar is really bad I will make the effort to pm the author and let them know any spelling errors etc. as again, I know first-hand how scary it is to post up a story and then thinking I have everything under control realize that there is a mistake, being corrected is a part of growing as a author, I feel that one grows from learning a mistake and making the effort to correct it is what any good author will at least try to do (or at least I hope they will).

Fandoms I currently love (and have loved) : Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Game of Thrones, Bleach, Naruto, Kuroshitsugi,D-Gray Man, Fairy Tail, Firefly,Howl’s Moving Castle, Kuroko no Basuke, Trinity Blood etc.

You can go through my favorite stories if you want to know any other fandoms I like or if you want to know what stories I like to read on a side note I am a very open reader, I read a rather large scale of different types of stories, from varying sexualities to rather crazy AU’s to smut to very detailed stories focussed more on emotion and mentalities of the characters.

Both of my stories that I have currently posted up, both a 'Changed Life' and 'Grimmjow’s new fraction' (so creative with my story titles, I know), are on Hiatus, meaning it’s on a extended/indefinite break for any newbies joint the world of fanfiction/writing. I don’t know when I will be updating them but I have a feeling a might actually end up rewriting them as they were written years ago. I do have quite serious plans for at least two new stories which I have been planning for a while and I hope to post them soon, both of them are rather large scale, one is for Katekyo Hitman Reborn and the other is for Game of Thrones. I also plan to try and write a one-shot or two for some other fandoms that I like but haven’t seriously committed to yet with a major story such as Trinity Blood and a few others.

If you want to contact me about anything, questions about my fanfics or you would like help with anything, such as one of your fanfics, or if you need an opinion with a decision your struggling with please feel free to pm me, I love helping others and talking to those who love to write and sometimes one does need a second opinion.

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