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I only read FAIRY TAIL stories in .

Few authors need to know why I stop reading & reviewing their stories, before I tell you why, you guys need to know that I don’t mean any harm, okay let’s start:

1. Some of the authors don’t like taking advice so I’m tired of reading their stories when I don’t see any development.

2. Sorry to say this, I stop reading for those who making ‘Overpowered Lucy’ in their story. I still read it though and probably will or will not reviewing/reading the said story.

3. I use to say that ‘once I review I will keep on reviewing their story’ but due to reason No.1 & 2, I stopped. It’s a statement not a promise.

4. I give support to every author who needs it, and to those who I review so far taking it as a motivation, which makes me happy. Why? Because good story is a satisfaction for a reader like me :) I always said that ‘No rush’ (sorry to other readers who wants new chapter quickly, but I don’t like pushing the author said that “Update soon” “Where’s the next chapter?” “Update ASAP”).

5. I don’t really emphasize on the character being OOC because sometime I only look at the plot of the story. (OOC or no OOC I don't care as long the author have a nice plot I'm okay with it and there's a reason why this site is call fanfiction so no one should complaint whether the character is being OOC or not)

I guess I already state what you guys need to know why I stopped reviewing some stories. (Maybe some of you would not bothered since you guys have a faithful reader unlike me)

I only read a story that tag: Lucy.H (She’s one of my favourite characters, don’t judge, call her annoying, weak or whatever is on your mind. I don’t care.)

Any suggestion?

Pairing that I don’t mind reading it:

It have to be NatsuxLucy, GrayxLucy, JellalxErza, GajeelxLevy or any Lucy Heartfilia pairings and that also includes crack pairing.

I’m not one of those Gray x Juvia fans, when I read Natsu x Lucy fic usually most of the fic contain Gray x Juvia, to be honest I skipped their part. I have nothing against Gray x Juvia though.

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