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my name is Mikaela

i am from Greece

zodiac Canser

Born : 22/06/1995

favourite food : well i like many " (i'm a chef trainee)

love : family friends anime animals food games and many other things

hate : a few things , and some couples (i am not gonna say)

i am not a writer or a beta here i actualy i am more like a idea giver aka plot creator i give ideas i unblock writers blocks so if you need any ideas to create a story or to unblock a writers block as you writers call it

If you need a plot i always have something same goes for the ideas

note : i can't work as a beta

please feel free to ask me but there is a small catch the story should have a anime and a couple that i am interesting in so that i will be able to help

and to like also i have some ready plots but i am not gonna post them for safty reason i don't want someone to make something based on them without my premission and with a couple i hate




Day 1 Masquerade 6/3
Day 2 War 7/3
Day 3 Tears 8/3
Day 4 Protect 9/3
Day 5 Summer 10/3
Day 6 Falling 11/3
Day 7 Father 12/3

( the following animes are with my favourite couples i also like other couples and animes but those are a prefer to request , help ,to read and search for)

Fairy Tail

Laxus Dreyar X Lucy Heartfilia LaLu his is a bad boy type and she is the sweet girl type like gale but hotter way hotter don't get me wrong but i think natsu is not mature enough for lucy PLUS I don't ship laxus with other FT Girls because its kinda wierd since Laxus knows them since the were children during his teenage years and this is totaly diffrent with lucy because he met her alredy grow up

Orga Nanagear X Lucy Heartfilia OrLu since he is kinda Laxus rival i came up with it more like suggest it and it turned up really good (i am saying the truth) and there is already a awsome story about them and i look forward for more of it and for more fiction based on the triangle LaLuOr

Bacchus X Cana Alberona BacCana two wild and sexy drunks its not bromance and i look forward to see Gildarts reaction

Fried (Freed) Justine X Mirajane Strauss Love at First Fight

Natsu Dragneel X Lisanna Strauss NaLi childhood love is just adorable i know it sounds cliche but the way it was in the series it wasn't cliche at all

Azuma x Erza Scarlet (jerza is cute but there is a comic that made me ship them)

Terrra Formars

Keiji Onizuka X Amelia Venkatesh (for those who read the manga you know what i mean)

Kill La Kill

Tsumugu Kinagase X Ryuko Matoi Love at first fight


Grimmjow Jaggerjack X Momo Hinamori they are like fairy tail gajeel x levy

Kurosaki Ichigo x Inoue Orihime they are adorable

Abarai Renji X Kuchiki Rukia he doesn't want to let her go

Hisagi Shuuhei X Soi Fon they are hot together

Nnoitra x Nell love and hate can be the same thing


Gilgamesh ( Archer) X Arturia Pendragon (Saber) gold and silver

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ( Lancer) X Arturia Pendragon (Saber) proud and fair knights

Seriously why do i always like the hard to find couples -_-"

Video Games

Final Fantasy

Caius Ballad X Lightning Farron ( or Claire ) I LOVE IT

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