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Date: 12-16-16:

Shit went down and I wasn't able to do what I intended to do. I'm updating the chapters of This Time Around as I mirror-upload them in my account, 1 chapter per day. Busy with tending stuff related to the holidays and it bugs me so bad that I can't go against it. The Holiday Season really has a love and hate relationship with us.

Also, Burn Me With Fire updated about... 2 days ago. Read it.

Date: 11-24-16:

Haha. Only 6 more days and it's December. I think I'm gonna do a thing and follow what Seito did last December of 2014. The 25 straight days of chapter uploads. I think I'm reserving those days for DeSu Redux, Instinct, Koe no Kikasete, This Time Around and that small plot bunny that rose up from the platter of breadcrumbs I had when watching Persona 5 streams. Haha.

You can guess what I've been doing all these months from the last sentence. Sorry but Persona 5 just ate me, completely. And to think that the English Localization won't be coming 'til April 4... It pains me to see the archive so dead.

Date: 9-27-2016

Got back from the religious retreat I got dragged to by my aunt about a month ago. Instant results of that action: Brother of the Azure is on hold indefinitely. My notes and written chapters on the notebook I wrote on during the months at Thailand with my Aunt got used as kindle. It happened around a month ago so I'm sorry if haven't touched that one.

Until I can get back the inspiration I had when I wrote those chapters, I couldn't 'taint' my first work with half-assed updates.

Also I missed to upload a chapter for Soul Survivor last 9-6-16 so I think I'll be doing a double update for it when 10-6 or 10-7 comes by. And one more thing, God Slaying Blade Works by Marcus Galen Sands updated last night so I apologize for not uploading a chapter for Koe o Kikasete. Sorry.

Date: 7-14-2016

The retreat is still going strong. I may have bunkered myself today in the office where there's internet connection. I uploaded this morning the [adopted] fic from The Distorted Shadow. Next week: Brother of the Azure or Number Zeroes.

Date: 5-21-2016

I just logged in to say that I was, and still will be, busy because I had to attend a wedding of a family friend. Add that in the next couple of days or weeks, I have to go to a retreat sponsored by the charity my aunt worked at and invited [read: forced] to attend it. Something along the lines of "spiritual rejuvenation and application". Sucks to be me.

But! I will upload if I get the chance. I have written already a 10k-word chapter and it still needs to be proof-read.

Date: 5-3-2016

After 4 years of summoning enough courage to write a story, I finally posted one. It's a crossover between HP and a 2D fighting game called BlazBlue. I hope you guys will enjoy what I wrote.

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