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What to say, what to say?

I guess I can tell you all that I am a writer and love to tinker in the world of make belief. Big surprise I know.

I enjoy writing and use it as a way to express myself and my feelings, as such sometimes I can get kinda dark and morose. I do not apologise. At all. Seriously. I am aspiring author and often I spend more time in the pages of my own novels then playing here with other's fandoms, but I find that fanfiction is great for clearing out the writer's block in most cases. As such updates are infrequent and I couldn't care less about any whining because of it. I literally have better things to do and write.

I am a fan of Harry Potter; LOTR/The Hobbit; Supernatural; Star Trek; Stargate; Star Wars; The Avengers (Marvel Movie Series); The Sentinel (Canadian TV broadcast); Naruto; Sailor Moon; Inuyasha; My Hero Academia and Bleach. These are more than likely the only fandom based fiction works that you will find me writing.

One, I like them.

And two, I'm confident enough in the cannon to not mess anything up to extremely... unless it is totally planned and then it's just in good fun.

Fanfiction in Progress:

1. Sleeping Spirits a Star Wars Crossover with Harry Potter

After hundreds of thousands of years Harry Potter has woken up. Being found was obviously the will of the force but what is a millennia old wizard doing sleeping in a previously unseen room in the crumbling ruins of the Coruscant Temple’s Catacombs? Well, a better question Harry thinks is: what woke him?

2. The Kokanezawa Clan a Naruto Gamer Fic

When I woke up I can tell you it was the last thing I expected to do seeing as the last thing I truly remembered was by wife pulling a gun on me and pulling the trigger. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw mother fucking ninja’s hovering over me… seriously what was with the cosplay??

3. Decker a My Hero Academia Fanfic

Izuku grew up quirkless, useless, despised, knowing that he would never be allowed to be a hero. But see, someone’s keeping a secret, a secret kept from him since he was four years old. Izuku Midoriya isn’t quirkless and his father isn’t overseas working. Izuku’s father is exactly where Izuku put him when his quirk activated at the tender age of four, in a card, transformed into the powerful Flame Emporer hidden deep in his hidden quirk: Decker; the ability to turn people’s souls (i.e., their undying will) into monster cards and spells that Izuku can then summon and use.

And what if All Might hadn’t been the one to find Izuku after the fight with the sludge villain? What if instead of just screaming at him Kacchan did something a little bit more sinister and the next morning Aizawa found him teetering on the edge of a bridge willing to jump? How then would this story change?

Fanfiction Coming Soon... Maybe:

1. The Moon Prince a My Hero Academia/Sailor Moon Fanfiction

Izuku’s been told he’s quarkless since his diagnosis at four years of age. His father left feeling nothing but shame and his mother cried feeling nothing but sorrow. Izuku thought, he was different, he smiled in the face of adversity, nothing would stop him because while he was quarkless he wasn’t useless and he remembers a time when magic danced on the marble floor and the earth danced in the sky from a black star dipped universe. This might not be the millennium kingdom anymore, and he might not be Severne the crown prince of Luna but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t either.

2. Stars in his Eyes a Harry Potter/The Hobbit Fanfiction

So who doesn’t want to be thrust into another world, turned into a fairy, and then be faced with both a dragon and a war? Really, it’s just another day in the life of one Harry Potter… or should I say Hellion Peverell.

3. Imperfectly Logical a Star Trek 2009 Fanfiction

A Sentinel will always wish for a guide. It’s a known fact of life for all humans of Earth. But what happens when there is no Guide for you? When you’re well and truly one and not part of a whole? Well, I guess that’s where my story starts doesn’t it. My name is Amanda Greyson and I’m a Sentinel without any Guide…

Fanfiction Abandoned for now:

1. The Rent Heaven's Cry

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