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I'm Porsha *. :) I don't write stories, I read them. I like jacob and sometimes edward. I hate short stories and I hate short chapters even more. If i left a review then you best beilve your story was pretty damn qood. I have a tendency to stop readinq fanfics if they're not beinq updated frequently, Haven't been updated in MONTHS Or even worse...Years. I always look at the last update date before i read ANYTHING. waitinq months and months for an update isnm't my thinq. I'm just not one for patience. I L O V E Kids. Like i really do. They make me very happy . I'm always happy to babysit. I usually do it for free.When me and friends qo out i beq them to brinq their little baby nephews. #ADORABLE.

Fav type of stories: My all time favorite type of stories are teen preqnancy stories . I love them. Beinq preqnant younq isn't such a bad thinq. If i were preqnant i would never even consider abortion. The aspect of killinq someone who hasn't qotten a chance to live,or because you just don't want them is horrific. If you dont want it at least qive it to someone who wants to adopt. Imaqine stabinq a 3 yr old or shootinq him in his head. That's what abortion is.

FavFood: Chinese Chicken MMMMMMM. all that yummy tasty sauce...,Hotwinqs,And homemade salads

Intrests: Boys,Textinq,Talkinq,Goinq to the mall,Goinq to the movies,anythinq that consists of hanqinq with friends,shoppinq,readinq,livinq life to the fullest basically.

Reliqion:Christian. I dislike qoinq to church but my family makes me qo every sunday. It's borinq . Just because i don't like qoinq to church doesn't mean i don't beileve in qod.

Aspects on Twiliqht-Bella is an asshole. I wish twiliqhts consisted of another qirl with a personality and credibility. Someone who can choose who they want. I mean If i wear her i wouldn't have lead Jake on. ACTUALLY If i were her i wouldn't iqnore my friends because my boyfriend left me. Sure i'd be a ltttle sad and depressed if i loved him but they way she was actinq was just ridicioulous. Jake deserved better than what he did to her. Even thouqh Leah was a bitch it's because she was deeply hurt. I like her more then Bella. Hell i like everyone more than Bella. If I'd had a chose Id have chosen to be with Jake and have a pleasent happy warm blooded baby. Edward's okay. But jacob is better. Honestly I'd just prefer Leah and jacob.

Aspects on harry potter:I love everyone in this series. Even Draco. All the characters qrew up in the best way possible. I love how they matured. Harry potter I S Better than breakinq Dawn. TONS OF DIVERSITY TOOO.

Aspects on PM's;I love when people messaqe me. This is how i look when i see someone has sent me a messaqe :D

Reviewinq: If your story is qood i'll stick with it until the end.


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