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Hello, guys, I started this new account, because of problems with my old one.

The statement/claim about Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist not believing in magic is only FANON.
He has never officially stated to not believe in magic, only that he prefer to consider his alchemy as science over magic.
His preference to see alchemy as science, over magic, might be his way of telling people that he's not a complete miracle worker.
Also, it is possible that he, and his brother Alphonse, may have developed an 'Alchemy Sense', that allow the two brother to tell alchemy apart from sorcery, similar to how Spider-Man's Spider-Sense alerts him of nearby danger.

If you agree, copy and post this on your profile: PEJP Bengtzone V2

Collaboration Recruitment:
I need someone that could help me with a fan fiction story project, which will be a multi-crossover.
The main reason is because of a block I have, that keeps me from writing fanfiction stories without having be at least partially written in a manuscript-like format, so I need someone who is open-minded enough, as well as being a good listener, while still having enough time to participate in this collaboration, to help me out in this project.

Intended series to be featured:
Pokémon - The anime with the setting being at least Post-'Lucario and the Mystery of Mew', although letting it be set either in-between DP and BW, or as a Post-XY&Z event, works just as fine and well.
Full Metal Alchemist(: Brotherhood) - The manga/Brotherhood anime version of the series, with the setting being post-series, but still features Winry and the Elric Brothers as teens.
Sailor Moon - Post-Series, primarily based on-and-around the manga version of the series. This is an older version/incarnation of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon that is pretty much parallel/akin to her incarnation in a novel project I am currently working on.
Mass Effect - Post-ME3 (Paragon), intended to feature at least Liara T'Soni.
Beverly Hills Teens - Intended to be sharing the same reality as the story's Sailor Moon.
Galactik Football
The Magician - A 1997 animated series about a stage magician who is apparently just as much a sorcerer as he is an illusionist, although his genuine sorcery-based magic is seldom used outside of his superhero moments.
Nascar Racers
The Legend of Zelda - Set some time right after the events of Twilight Princess, with Link becoming more akin to his ancestor/predecessor from a century ago (Young Link of OoT/MM), even getting to inherit some of his arsenal as heirlooms.
The Legend of Korra - Post-series, primarily featuring Korra and her love interest Asami Sato, along with an airship that is owned by Asami.
The Familiar of Zero - Primarily inspired by the original light novel series.
Star Fox - Post-Dinosaur Planet, at least, with Krystal as the primary character, who possesses both her telepathy and her magical staff, as well as perhaps a 'Krazoa Energy'-based (form of) sensory.
Metroid - Post-Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, at least.
Kid Icarus
Fire Emblem
Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5
Action Man (2000)
Highlander: The Animated Series
Double Dragon (The Animated Series)
The Spectacular Spider-Man - Post-Season 2, primarily featuring Peter Parker/Spider-Man.
Ace Attorney - Post-'Spirit of Justice', primarily featuring Ryuichi Phoenix Naruhodo-Wright and Maya Fey. The Fey Clan members have two names; One representing their 'Clan' (Fey), and another for their 'Family' (Ayamato).
Trauma Center - Intended to share same reality with both Ace Attorney AND Professor Layton, with the setting being based on the Post-SoJ one for Ace Attorney.
Professor Layton - Post-Series, with the setting being based on the Post-SoJ one for Ace Attorney.
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
Rune Soldier Louie
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

The story is intended to be an adventure-drama story partially inspired by the dimension-jumping/time-travelling adventure story 'Quest of the Keys' by Pete The Rock.
An additional requirement would be familiarity with the fan fiction works of/by Pete The Rock and Karndragon.

For further information, contact me by sending me a PM with this project as a subject.

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