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Since I have, as of yet, not published any stories I'll just leave a couple of facts about myself here.

I enjoy well written stories. My favorite character in the Naruto series is Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage. Therefore, I really enjoy well written stories that feature Minato. However, I am morally opposed to homosexuality, therefore if you are reading this and you have found a well written story that features Minato in a homosexual relationship, please do not recommend it to me.

And of course down below is a list of my favorite stories on this website; well, at least a list of the ones I have found so far.

Sigh* And I really, really wish there was some kind of filter for au and not au stories, especially since there are over two hundred THOUSAND stories listed as being "Naruto" stories.


I suppose I also ought to say that I find it incredible how so many people could get mixed up about elemental jutsus. Here are the facts about elemental jutsus from the original story line (aka before the 3 year timeskip):

1:Sasuke was praised for being a genius: the proof of this was his prowess with the grand fireball technique, and the proof of his prowess was twofold: he was only seven years old when he managed to do a full sized grand fireball technique; he also was able to complete it in only a SINGLE month. Both of those facts are important.

2. Sasuke (a now proven genius) was able to learn the technique Chidori over the course of a single month. Now, Chidori is a different element than the grand fireball. In addition to this it is also a combination of both nature and shape manipulation (as stated within canon after the timeskip). So Sasuke only took a single month again to learn a new element, so since he was older it make sense that he could do it. However, the technique in question was also much more difficult. So it really is a mistake to view Sasuke as learning the technique with ease (even if lightning IS the element he naturally leans towards).

3. Kakashi states that most people take a few YEARS to learn how to do elemental techniques and that they are usually chuunin before they even start.

Here are the facts about elemental techniques after the timeskip:

1. Everyone has an element that they lean towards.

2. You MUST, ABSOLUTELY MUUUUUUUUUST learn how to change the nature of your chakra before you can LEARN even the FIRST elemental technique (I apologize for shouting, but that fact is generally overlooked by soooo many authors that it is quite ridiculous, especially among authors that really know how to write stories). The reason for this is that elemental jutsu are "fueled" by elemental chakra. If your chakra isn't elemental, neither will your jutsu be.

3. It is more than possible to learn how to use more than one element, and generally ninjas learn how to do so before or about the time they manage to be equal to jounin in battle prowess.

What does this all lead to? That people ought to stop writing characters as learning elemental techniques (aka, jutsu) in just a few tries or even weeks. Unless you are a genius or have the cop out of multi shadow clones it is going to take you a LONG time to learn how to do elemental techniques. Does this mean that every character, or even most main characters, have to take two to five years to learn such techniques? No. But they shouldn't be learning any elemental techniques before learning how to mold elemental chakra. Also no character should learn high level techniques right off the bat. A character CAN have large leaps in power if they manage to just "get" how the jutsu works, but that should be the extreme exception, not the rule.

One final thing that I ought to mention that I dislike is when people write stories of Naruto being young and capable of evading ANBU. Frankly, that's troll crap. In the very first episode (or issue if you read the manga), Naruto is evading CHUUNIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ANBU!!!!!!!!!!! Please, PLEASE, do not mistake the two as being the same. ANBU are elite soldiers that are usually Jounin in normal ranks. Combine this with the fact that he was not evading ANBU in the first episode means that everyone that who writes such are not writing fanfiction, just fiction. And frankly, it stinks of incompetence.

Ok, rant done.


I suppose I also ought to speak about something else that bothers me a bit: the term seal master and the connotations that go along with it. If you look on Narutopedia, it actually speaks about fuuinjutsu (or sealing techniques). It says that sealing is the art of putting something (chakra, physical objects like kunai, etc) within something else via space time manipulation. Fuuinjutsu is also capable of sealing, or I should say restricting, techniques away in another person. The most vivid example of this is when Minato seals away Tobito's ability to use summoning techniques (thereby removing the kyuubi from his control). However, there are three things that seems to go hand in hand with calling someone a sealing master: 1: the ability to make their own paper bombs; 2: the ability to seal objects away in scrolls and other items; 3: the ability to use jutsu via sealing formulas and nature/regular chakra that has been sealed away in a scroll.

The first connotation seems to be kind of silly if you ask me. The reason why I say this is that it is built off of the second connotation, so let's go there first. The ability to seal away objects within scrolls is shown to be something fairly simple via Tenten's style of combat. She goes to an extreme with it, but she's not the only one to do it, nor is she a jounin or special jounin. Frankly, her ability to seal objects away in scrolls and then subsequently unseal them and launch them out isn't really that remarkable. She's taught how to do so when she's only 12 years old. So really, the ability to seal away physical objects within scrolls is beginner stuff, not A or S rank stuff (the realm of jounins and kages respectively).

The second connotation comes from the first: a paper bomb is simply a small sealing tag that has either an explosive (see highly flammable) object sealed inside, or explosive chakra sealed inside, or perhaps just a lot of chakra sealed inside released in an explosive manner. The second two possibilities aren't completely irrational, and it's probably how Konan managed to make a sea of paper bombs. However, the first is the most likely scenario for your average person making paper bombs (your average person in one of the five major villages would probably buy the bombs just to save on time, but that's another issue altogether). The reason why I say this is that sealing a small amount of explosive content within a paper tag seems to me to be fairly simple. You then light the tag either via fire or chakra (a slightly more difficult way of lighting the tag) and then when the seal gets broken via the fire, the explosive content comes out and gets lit by the fire. This is why a single explosive tag could set off a chain reaction when there are other tags in close proximity. So really, the ability to make paper bombs is just slightly more difficult than sealing any old object away in a scroll, if perhaps more time consuming since any given shinobi will want many of them.

The third connotation seems kind of a stretch to me, however it is the only connotation that actually fits the idea of being an expert in fuuinjutsu. The reason why I say it seems like a stretch is that for someone to be able to use fuuinjutsu to mimic other jutsu is that the person would need an intimate knowledge of the jutsu being imitated. Also, the person would likely need to be able to seal away elemental-changed chakra (fire, wind, water, etc) for elemental jutsus, and have some way of releasing that chakra in a controlled manner. Frankly, I cannot perceive how you would release the chakra in a way that it wasn't coming out all at once, and if it did come out all at once, I can't really see how it would be controlled. Perhaps the final nail in the coffin for this type of jutsu is that it isn't really in the spirit of traditional, japanese sealing. Those of you who are closely connected to traditional japanese culture may be able to correct me on this if I'm wrong, but from what I understand of it traditional japanese sealing had to do with demons; it was strictly a method of restriction and exorcism of demons and evil spirits where said creatures would then become trapped within some object. As such, the spirit, or tradition, of sealing is one of JUST hiding and restriction, not one of sealing away and then later releasing what was sealed. Now I understand that traditional japanese culture isn't necessarily what Naruto is, and that this is a fanfiction website, but frankly there's so little of Japanese culture depicted in Naruto fanfiction that it's kind of dissapointing. Naruto is actually incredibly steeped in Japanese culture and there is an incredible number of people on this website that ignore said culture in favor of following tropes and themes that originated among the fans. So basically what I'm saying is that if you're going to write a story with fuuinjutsu featuring prominently, please get it right and follow what has been established in canon, not fanon.

Now, here's a few tips for those that wish to start writing a new fanfiction story of the adventure genre (the one I personally prefer).

1. If you are going to start when Naruto is a child, don't include a mob chasing after him. It's a fanon cliche, not canon, and it's an incredibly poor idea. The canon very specifically states that Naruto was IGNORED, not beaten or chased or hurt or shouted at. This discrepancy has EVERYTHING to do with Japanese culture, and that ought to be highlighted.

2. Take some time to go back and either reread old manga issues or watch old anime episodes. This will help you to know what the canon depicts so that you don't follow poor fanon ideas (like the one in tip #1). If you go back and watch the anime, the action will also help you because the background music involved will give you an idea of the atmosphere.

3. Take some time to go over Narutopedia. It has a lot of information, and it specifically only takes from canon anime and manga (it will even tell you when something only appears in the manga or the anime).

4. Look up fanfiction stories that have over 50 chapters in them and have over 1000 reviews. These stories have a tendency to be well written. Generally (it isn't always true), the authors of these stories have learned

a. how to give good descriptions of settings, character attitudes, and actions taken

b. how to pace the plot

c. NOT to give a character too much power too quickly

d. how to write a tad bit of decent and well placed humor

e. how to flesh out characters in their own way

f. etc

Or, in other words, they've learned how to write on a level that is PUBLISHABLE (aka, they could be making money if they were writing their own unique, original stories).

5. Consider all of the stories that are listed among your favorites and think of an idea of where one of those stories could have gone if it started off slightly different, or even if a little bit ways into it there was a divergence (obviously you don't want to copy too much from another fanfiction author, and any bit that is copied you ought to have permission first).

6. Don't do too much revising before you have written your story. It is better to have a long story that is written out and needs a decent bit of fixing than a single, amazing chapter, especially if you don't post up any of the chapters of the story until you've got a large (not necessarily majority) portion written.

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