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I'm 20 years old and in college. I am not the greatest writer so I would like to apologies before hand, but I do like to write just to get things off my mind, such as my imagination for things. I write these stories not only for me, but for you too. I am not always busy with life, but my boyfriend takes a lot of my free time, which I don't mind at all. The only time I have time to write is during my two hour breaks in between my classes, twice a week. Now that I have a very boring job in a library, I hope to have even more time to write.

My Fics:

Damaged Little Girl: which is the first part of a series I'm working on. I now call it the Damaged Doll Series. It's 3 part series. Haven't written everything, but I have written up ideas and summaries for this.

For those who are wondering, this fic "Damaged Doll Series"is about Serena (a character from Sailor Moon) who loses her innocence at such a young age. She also loses a father (not really)and has a mother who, for some reason, doesn't care for her. (Her mother is Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon if you're wondering. In this fic she is called Selenity, though.) Lost and alone in a world of confusion and mixed up emotions, she finds herself lost in an affair with a much older man, Lucius, confused with Draco and solving Severus Snape. Once she finds herself, she builds up a future.

Now you can see why I might have to split that up into 3 series.


Well, I finally got one new chapter up and I am already half way through, or I think I am half through with the next chapter. It depends on how long I decide to make it. This last chapter for 'As Lovers Go' was supposed to be longer, but when I read, my attention span is only a few pages long when reading from the internet. So I'll try to keep my chapters long enough to keep your attention and not hurt your eyes. I'm thinking of making my 'paragraphs' smaller to make it an easier read.

Hopefully by the time I post up my next chapter for 'As Lovers Go,' I will be done with my last chapter for the first series of myHarry Potter Crossover and half way through the first chapter of the next part of the series.

I'll do my best to keep my updates frequent.

Yours, Jen

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