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The lost heir of the Empire challenge:

Long ago in a land far off from the elemental continant, there existed the continant of Asahi (means Raising sun).

Like the elemental continant, Asahi was plagued by constant war which threatened to destroy the entire continant, eventually a small noble family who were blessed by a unique ability, (you can say whatever ability you want, but I can give you some suggestion if you need any), rose to power and gathered ten powerful Shinobi Clans, who swore their alligence to the family. After several years of fighting, the family and their followers united the land and formed, the Emerald Empire where the noble family became the rulers of the empire and they named the ten Shinobi Clans who followed them the ten Great Clans, where they would rule different parts of the empire in the royal family's name.

For a thousand years the empire flourished and grew prosperous, and thus attracted enemies both from other nations, who were envious of its wealth and power and from with where other noble families and Clans who desired to rule the empire themselves. But no matter how many tired none could depose of the royal family, thanks to their special power and loyal followers.

Realising this, enemies of the royal family decided to use the royal family's own power against them, by kindapping his only son and heir,and turning him against them, causing chaos and turmoil in the empire.

After kidnapping the infant prince, the kidnappers fled the empire, where they planned to rise the prince to fit their needs, but not long after fleeing the empire, their ship was caught in a storm and was destroyed. Somehow though the Prince survived and washed ashore in Fire Country. He was later found by a Konoha Shinobi named Shin Namikaze, who took him back to Konoha, where he and his wife later adopted him as their son, naming him Minato Namikaze.

Years later, a spy for the empire, who was tracking for the possible whereabouts for the lost prince came accross a young Naruto, who was being attacked by angry mob. After saving him from the mob and treating his injuries, the spy discovered that Naruto had the royal birth mark, (not the wiskers, maybe a another symbol on his back or something that distinctive to the royal family alone). The spy then later realises that Naruto was the lost prince son, and immedtialty returns to the empire with the news. Upon which the emperor sends a team to return his Grandson, (and maybe even retrive Kushina and Minato's bodies) and bring him back home.

Here are some possible Clans I have come up with for the lost heir of the Empire challenge

1.Raion Clan
The Raion Clan is known as a very aggressive and honor-driven Clan, they are fiercely loyal to the Emperor and Royal family and would personally defend his causes above all else. It is because of this fierce loyalty to the Royal family that they are known as the Emperor's Right Hand. Some of the finest generals in the history of the Empire have come from the Raion Clan. They control the North Western-Territory of the Empire also and have the biggest army in the Empire. The Raion Clan Shinobi are regarded as the bravest Shinobi in the Empire where they would be the first to charge into battle and are famed for their prowess in battle, they are also known for their rigid discipline in battle.

Military Strength: 100,000 Shinobi
Wealth: Average
Territory: North-West

2.Kani Clan
The Kani Clan was formally a group of lesser Shinobi Clans that joined together to form one Clan. When the Royal family began their war to unite the continent, the Kani Clan was one of the first Clans to swear their allegiance to them. After the Empire was formed, the Kani Clan was given control of the large far Eastern Island Nation of Washu, placing them in a key position for sea trade from the East. Because of their location, the Kani Clan relay a great deal on sea power, and have the largest fleet in the Empire, and are one of the wealthiest Clans in Empire, second only to the Kirin Clan, whom they have good a relationship with. The Kani Clan are skilled seamen and masters in sea warfare, their Shinobi are highly train in Water Ninjutsu and are experts in underwater fighting and tactics.

Military Strength: 48,000 Shinobi, 1000 Ships
Wealth: Extremely Wealthy
Territory: Far Eastern Island

3.Ryu Clan
The Ryu Clan controls the mountains to the North of the Empire. They are aloof and removed from the affairs of the other Clans, preferring to reside in their mountain strongholds. Most of the land the Ryu Clan holds becomes completely cut off from the rest of the Empire during the winter due to heavy snowfall, which does not make their territory particularly wealthy. But despite this, the Ryu Clan are regarded as one of, if not the strongest Shinobi Clan of the Ten Great Clans. They possess the second largest army in the Empire and their Shinobi are regarded some of the fiercest Shinobi's alive. They can survive harsh climates, thanks to the harsh winters of their homeland and specialize in Fire Ninjutsu. But what truly makes the Ryu Clan so fearsome is their Summoning Contract, where members of their main family are able to summon large Dragons to aid them in battle.

Military Strength: 75,000 Shinobi
Wealth: Low
Territory: North

4.Ho Clan
The Shinobi of the Ho Clan are known for being the most skilled in Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu in all the Empire, and are also known as the most peaceful of the Ten Great Clans. They have schools of Ninjutsu associated with each of the five elements and schools in Fuinjustu. They rule the North-Eastern Territories of the Empire and have the smallest army of the Ten Great Clans. The Shinobi of the Ho Clan are particularly famed for traveling across the Empire battling and sealing away demons that terrorize the people. Many of the strongest Shinobi in the history of the Empire came from the Ho Clan, where some even rose to become Sages.

Military Strength: 28,000 Shinobi
Wealth: Average
Territory: North-East

5.Kamakiri Clan
The Kamakiri is the smallest and the least liked of all the Ten Great Clans. The reason for this is due to the stories of how the Clan experiments and uses forbidden techniques to summon and control demons and to make their Shinobi stronger. They rule the South-East territories of the empire and it has been rumoured that the Kamakiri Clan have been involved in plots to overthrown the Royal family and take over the Empire for themselves. Unlike the rest of Ten Great Clans, the Kamakiri Clan has a Bloodline limit called the Kuton (Void Release). This ability allows the user to generate and fire a black energy, which erases anything it touches, making the user a deadly opponent for anyone to face. The Bloodline limit though has a serious draw back, where it is difficult to control and master and can destroy the user's body, causing most Kuton users to die young, which is also why the Clan is smaller than most and why there are few Kuton users in the Clan left.

Military Strength: 30,000 Shinobi
Wealth: Low
Territory: South-East

6.Kirin Clan
The Kirin Clan are considered the best metal crafters and smiths in all of the Empire, where they make the finest weapons, armour, jewellery and ornament. Their skill is so great that people from all over the Empire come from far and wide, simply to buy their work and are willing to pay large sums of money for them. The Kirin Clan are also well known for being expert engineers where they supply the Empire's armies with war machines and equipment. The Kirin Clan control the Eastern territory of the Empire on the continent, (which is rich in mineral resources, allowing them to make much of their craftwork), and is directly opposite of the island nation of Washu, which is controlled by the Kani Clan. Because of their location and good relationship with the Kani Clan, the Kirin Clan are able to sell off much of their work to other nations across the sea, making them the wealthiest of all the Ten Great Clans. Due to their great skill as weapon makers, the Kirin Clan Shinobi are always well armed and equipped with the best armour and weapons available. They are also experts in almost every type of weapon and specialise in Lightning techniques, which they use to increase their weapons destructive power.

Military Strength: 58,000 Shinobi
Wealth Clan: Extremely Wealthy
Territory: East

7.Eki Clan
Of all the Ten Great Clans, the Eki Clan are the most secretive and the most mysterious, and are known as the Underhand of the Emperor. They control the southern territories of the Empire and their Shinobi are experts in Assassination, Espionage, Poisons and Genjutsu. The Eki Clan do not share their knowledge with outsiders, unless they have to or it is in their benefit. Their intelligence network is considered the best in the Empire, and is a true thing of power, where it said that very little happens in the empire without their knowing of it. It is also rumored that architects from the Eki Clan have constructed many of key structures throughout the empire, and as a result, many of those structures have secret passages and rooms unknown to all but the Eki clan. It is an Eki Clan tradition to always be masked, or face painted when meeting with those from outside their Clan, making it difficult for those from outside the Clan to know who they are talking to. This of course has led to a great deal of mistrust between the Eki Clan other Clans.

Military Strength: 32,000 Shinobi
Wealth: Wealthy
Territory: South

8.Suzume Clan
The Suzume Clan is considered the most Noble and respected of all the Ten Great Clans. They are known throughout the Empire for their sharp intellects and for being gifted diplomats, straightest and tacticians. The Suzume Clan were among the first of the Ten Great Clans to join the Royal family when they began to form the Empire, and are therefore very loyal to them, and are often referred to as The Left Hand of the Emperor. They control the midland territories of the empire, (with the exception of the capital, which is controlled directly by the Emperor), making their territory the largest of all the Ten Great Clans. Shinobi of Suzume Clan are arguably the finest swords masters in the Empire. They are also trained to be much faster than most Shinobi, and combine their high speed with their sword skill, making them deadly opponents, where they can kill a man with a simple draw of their sword.

Military Strength: 34,000

9.Tora Clan
Unlike the other Clans, the Tora Clan is not original from the Continent of Asahi, in fact they immigrated from the Elemental Continent long before the Shinobi villages were formed. After joining the Royal family in their goal to unite the continent into a single Empire, the Tora Clan were made one of the Ten Great Clans and given control of the South-Western territories of the Empire. Despite their territories being mostly desert, the Tora Clan is very wealthy from selling rare spices, silk, minerals and herbs that can only be found in their territory. Because of their desert-like homeland, the Shinobi of the Tora Clan as masters in desert combat and in hit and run tactics, and can endure harsh climates and terrains. They are well-known for being able to travel great distance with little rest or food and can go on for days with just water alone. They are also known for being highly skilled masters in Wind techniques.

Military Strength: 50,000 Shinobi
Wealth: Very Wealthy
Territory: South-West

10.Oushi Clan
The Oushi Clan are considered the least cultured or courtly of all the Ten Great Clans. They control the Western territories of the Empire. And face constant attack from Mountain Barbarian Tribes, Demons, and a variety of other rival nations who reside in the West. It has been the Oushi Clan's duty to guard the Western boarders of the Empire, ever since the Empire was first formed. It is for this reason, that they have become experts of defensive tactics and strategies. The Shinobi of the Oushi Clan are the most battle hardened and experienced of all the Shinobi Clans in the Empire. From a young age Shinobi of the Oushi Clan are trained to be stronger than most Shionbi, making them deadly opponents in Taijutsu. Although most of them prefer to wield massive weapons such as the tetsubo (two-handed war-club) or the no-dachi (two-handed sword), which allows them to make full use of their superior strength, and specialize in Earth techniques.

Military Strength: 45,000 Shinobi
Wealth: Average
Territory: West

Empire's Total Strength 500,000 Shinobi and over 1,000 Warships

1.Bloodlines: The Royal Family's bloodline is a elemental bloodline, where like the sage, his brother was born with five affinties, but unlike the sage the brother could actually manlipulate and control said elements with his chakra and did not need to preform hand seals( This ability cannot be used in less than have that person have the Rinnegan and is a royal family member of Asahi) Or and a secondary bloodline is a body bloodline limit it allows the user to enter into a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability. While in this state, the person's strength, speed, reflexes and other senses are doubled, basicallt becoming a super version of themselves. This ability is usually triggered by extreme situations, like battlefield conditions, or from recalling significant traumas, often arising out of a need to survive or protect someone else in a critical situation.

The Bloodline also has several other hidden abilities, where it allows a user's body to recover much quicker from injuries, and if user survives a near mortal wound and is able to recuperate. Then he or she will become much stronger than they were previously, in other terms what doesn't kill them makes them stronger.

Another remarkable thing about their bodies is how they age, although their lifespan is about the same as an average person (70 to 90 years). They remain in their youth and prime much longer than most people where by the time they reach seventy, they still look as if they were thirty.(or be of your own creation the bloodlines Naruto have must be the rinnegan The Royal family's bloodlines.)

2. Kushina: She can be a lost senju clan member directly from Hashirama Senju line (this is where Mokuton come from)who are her parents up to you.

3.pairings: as future Emperor Naruto will have two wives one of wife must be Hinata Hyuuga how that happens is up to you the second can a OC character(You can give Naruto fan-girls but he will only love Hinata and the OC character)

4.Bashing: You can bash Kakashi hatake the sandaime hokage(briefly) Danzo the shinobi elders the civilian Council and finally and not lease THE UCHIHA CLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big time. So much so all of their dark secrets is exposed to the nine tailed Fox attack to their coup d'etat.

5.what age Naruto will be when he comes to the Empire between the ages 4 and 7.

6.power: when Naruto returns to Konoha forever reason it's up to you. He must be at least mid to high Jounin level.And when he became emperor very high Kage level.

P.M me regarding any questions about the challenge or if like to take the challenge

Hakai no Naruto Challenge 1:

what if beerus and whis came to Naruto's planet when he was around 7 or 8 years old? What if thanks to Naruto introduceing both beerus and whis to the food of the Gods Ramen that he saved his own planet from being destroyed.

what if before beerus and whis before they leave Naruto's Planet they witness him getting beaten by the villagers and call him the nine-tailed fox reincarnated?

Angered at what he's seeing beerus destroys the villagers that was attacking Naruto.

beerus and whis see the seal on Naruto stomach become visible. Curious at what the seal is that is on Naruto stomach Whis uses his staff to take him and beerus inside the seal where they meet the nine tailed fox.

beerus is curious at what he seeing Whis informs beerus that this is one of the nine-tailed Beast behind the cage. and the cause of everyone trying to kill Naruto and The Villages believe he is the the kyuubi in human skin

The Kyuubi wakes up from his slumber and see Beerus and Whis

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