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hihi.. I'm not a very good writer.. but i have a millions ideas.. and i love reading fan fiction..

Favorite pairings: Jason/Trini (MMPR, absolutely LOVE that pairing), Frank/Nancy (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys), Brooke/Harrison(popular), Tommy/Kim, Billy/Kat, Adam/Trini (sometimes..),Jean/Scott (xmen), Adam/Tanya, Rocky/Aisha and my new recent obsession Adam/Julie (mighty ducks).

Stories being written or to be written:

Update: it's been two years and i'm sure people are probably pretty pissed off (yeah i would be too if this happened to me, but life has gotten pretty hectic as of late).

Always and Forever (MMPR): Trini and Jason's dead daughter is actually alive! Find out what happens when they find out she's rapidly aged and turned evil and the team takes sides. (sucky summary, but it's a very complex story) = This story is pretty much dead unfortunately, until i find some form of inspiration to write it. I hope you guys enjoyed the story tho (if you need more Jason/Trini stories, go check out Didi's account. She has written truly great stuff.)

Secrets (Mighty Ducks): Julie has a secret from the ducks. As it is gradually unrevealed, will the ducks be able to help her through the toughest time of her life? And what’s wrong with C I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS STORY! (surprise? yeah so am i...) I am in the process of writing the rest of the story out, so that i can give you guys chapter by chapter every week or every other week. Expect to see this one finished in the coming months. Thank you everyone whose supported this story. I really appreciate it (even to the reviewer who tried to use foul language to get me back into the game. :-P)

Closer (Mighty Ducks) - Coming soon!

The Decisions We Make (Mighty Ducks) - Coming soon!

One Drunken Night (Mighty Ducks) - Coming soon!

Please E-mail me if u have any fiction about these pairings i'd love to read them!

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