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Hello there! Thanks for clicking on my profile, I feel loved :P

There's not much you need to know about me... Except that I'm NOT a paedophile. Why did I mention that? Because I reckon I come off as one sometimes... Ha-ha!

I'm OBSESSED with EVERYTHING Zombie related :D

Interesting facts:
1. I FUCKING LOVE Music. 2. I'm a tomboy, so if you're here to talk about nails and miniskirts - leave. 3. I might play online games - such as World of Warcraft - but I'm not a fat nerd, so don't make generalisations before getting to know me. 5. I'm so skilled I skipped 4 without you noticing - if you did notice, you're a fucking ninja.

I come from and live in Australia. I'm a brown haired (although I change the colour of my streaks often), hazel eyed teen-aged female. My personality is... weird. I can be funny, arrogant, bitchy, annoying and just all-round awesome. I can - occasionally - give good advice and be a shoulder to cry on, so if you need a friend, I'm available ;)

There's not much else to say. I can't really explain who I am... If you want to get to know me, all you have to do is message me. Not really that hard.

So, this is my profile, it is random and stupid. Please deal with that fact or Get.The.Fuck.Out~!

One Piece ~ R.I.P all deceased brave warriors of the sea. ~ One Piece

"It's too late to mourn now, wave goodbye to yesterday. Now is the time to embark, call fourth the wind and raise a huge flag! You ask me to wait and ask for my destination. Has the answer always been in the wind? Surely, today in your eyes, a new me is embarking on an endless journey. One day we'll grow up, to be shrewd adults. Lets search for the lost treasure!"

One Piece, Strong World - Fanfare

Naruto ~ Those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called trash... But... Those who don't care about their companions are worse then trash! ~ Naruto

"When will you be ready to go, are you ready? The wind blows from my heart throughout my body, violent energy rings stomping, resist it, raise the moon, call me, forget trying to change too much story. Come on, everybody stand up. Stand up, the best time is today! Move with blinding speed, don't slow anyone down. Come on, everybody hands up! Our heroes will come back tomorrow, count down the average days. Lets go, 3-2-1 make some noise!"

Naruto Shippuden, Opening 1 - Heroes Come Back


"Is the moon and sun's high five, not something that's left behind? If you don't exist, it's strange I can't find someone I want. Snowing, I could smile honestly, the two of us come close because there is 'Time' combined. Fairy, where are you going? I'm gathering all of the light to shine on your tomorrow..."

Fairy Tail, Opening 1 - Snow Fairy

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Please! Is there a Team Gray Fullbuster?


I really want to thank you for being there for me and always being willing to help me out! You're an awesome chick, extremely funny, definitely talented, kind hearted and you can put up with me! You're one of a kind! I'm glad I met you! Remember we still have to go kill Juvia together and hopefully a lot more - talking to you is a great joy of mine! I truly can't wait till us 'Lazy People' take over the world - We will rule over all the short people! You're my 'Granny', I love ya GrannyVic! xD

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