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Hi viewers! We are SmartBlondes, as you should have guessed from our account name.

Ages: As old as our tongues and a little older than our teeth.

Please, if you read our stories (when there are more than one), review, so that we know what we can do to make our stories better.

If we start a story, it will be planned out so we know what's happening the whole way through, and we will not abandon it! Abandoned stories are disappointing. Due to schoolwork and other commitments, updates may be sporadic. BUT they will come. Eventually. With patience.

Stories are:

The Former Life of Little Bear: A Circle of Magic fic (Tamora Pierce) where we see Little Bear's point of view in the scene where he is adopted by the Circle.

Under Construction:
As yet unnamed: A Rangers Apprentice and Harry Potter crossover. It is under construction/being planned, so details aren't fully complete yet.

Grammar and Spelling Hates:

Okay people.

The differences between "your" and "you're":
This is your pencil. It belongs to you, so it's yours.
I think you're pretty. The apostrophe is there for a reason. It's a shortening of 'you are'.

The differences between "there", "they're" and "their":
It's over there. 'There' is a place.
They're being mean. Again, the apostrophe is there to shorten 'they are'.
This is their pencil. It belongs to them, so it's theirs.

The differences between "two", "too" and "to":
Firstly people, I have actually seen people use 'two' instead of to and too. Two is a number. Nothing else.
I want to go with you too. This 'too' means as well, or also.
The other one, to, can be used pretty much everywhere else, I believe (such as how I used it and didn't bold it in the example for 'too').

It annoys me very much when people don't use the proper spelling for these words. It changes the meaning of the whole sentence. If you don't know these already, please, please, please, please learn them! It's not really that hard, and it makes your stories an easier read. Thankyou!

Also, please proofread your writing or get somebody else to proofread it for you. It makes it much easier to read when there aren't spelling mistakes that you have to work through to find the meaning of the sentence or word. Some words, when spelled incorrectly, can spell other words, so don't just use a spell checker (though using one of those helps reduce the number of errors too!) Having everything spelled correctly also makes the story flow better.

Unless you're really interested in these rambles, why are you still reading this? Stories (again, when there are more than one) are below!!

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