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Candy Kingdom

Chapter two: The King's ball

Five weeks have passed sence, Martha and Licorick, become friends, and the kingdom, knew of the star-crossed friends. Martha and Licorick quickly become the best of friends along with Nicole, Patty and Kat. Soon after the many, many rumors, the kings ball has arrived. And at this minute Nicole, Patty, Kat and Licorick had dragged Martha to the mall to dress shop for the ball.

"Guys, come on let go, I'm not going to go!" Martha protested.

"No way, Martha, it'll be fun and you can confront your Dad." Patty said.

"No way, besides, I don't want anything to do with him!"

"It'll piss Rick's Dad off." Nicole snickered.

"That's beside the point I told you guys I wasn't going to go to that ball to see my backstabbing Dad!"

"Come on Martha, you can tell you Dad how you feel about him leaving and then you can leave the ball alright?" Licorick said.

Martha huffed and then let her friends drag her inside of a dress store.

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