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I am me, no on else but me. I'm a mystery that's not unveiled yet. try and see whats between my pages and you will get a surprise, whether its bad or good is for you to decide.

Unbeknownst to you , you touched the deepest recesses of my heart, such a long time ago, and it seems so far away. You are the oil that penetrated these old and rusted hinges - making it possible, to open, once again, the steely doors of my heart. For what has been a life time, I thought - never again, love to feel, love to experience, love to express, or to let in the life and light of Love's forces, Love's energies. All of this happened in the blink of an eye - you cared not to see, you cared not to hear, you did not want to know. Blindness now reigns supreme - lost is that beautiful dream. Nothing but harsh words, words of indifference - a spirit so mean comes at me in forceful waves, permeating every scene that you and I - upon life's stage - play out our parts, in costumes, life's experiences have fashioned for us, that we - on our journey - have tailored in defence of our soul. You where the key my Dear, - not ever wanting to be - for fear. You opened the lock, turned back the clock, opened my heart for me, and a world - lost for so long - I believed I'd never again see. Now it all is being destroyed, it is crumbling, soon to be all gone, and you contend, believe it was all - I who made it go wrong, caring not to see, wanting not to hear the dirges that have become my song. Now you want me to let it all go, now you no longer want me to carry on. Oh how I wanted to undress my heart, my spirit, my soul, all my dreams, lay them before - naked, free, new born - your eyes ( nothing to hide ). This I did for you, you did not want to see, you shot them down, them you denied, told me I was not your friend, told me I did not love you, told me you only had two friends, Christina, and Randy. This left me with no place to go - what more is there for me to do ? Except remember - for me you will always be as sweet as candy, even though we know, Sweetness, without care - will decay the very fiber - rot the teeth, that poison the system, contributes to diabetes, that can kill - that's her - if not one's body, - of experience - the essence of one's spirit, of one's soul. This - I am sure - like me, many have come - all to well - to know. The solution, - if nothing comes back to you - is to let it go.

William J. Jr. Atfield

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