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Update 2021: I'm leaving this account up as a sadistic motive. A time capsule if you will. I've got a different account that I'm writing tons of stuff on. Regularly. I'll be back to CotT one day, but not on this account. Well. Maybe I'll finish Live and Love on here. That's the only thing though.

You guys know my fic Live and Love? Well sorry, but it's getting scrapped. The plot's not very good. Or maybe it was just my execution of writing. I just remember looking at my drafts for it and saying what the * is this? Not to worry, it will be coming back in another form because I enjoy messing with Cronus and my OC Rhea. Okay. I'm not really sure, because my new fic for COTT is really good, but part of the plots for Cronus and Rhea's story was good, but the title fits well for both sooooo...

Just keep an eye out for Live and Love: Confidentiality coming soon. Working titles. SUGGESTIONS OKAY.

Shopping - DELETED. Sorry guys, this was really bad and embarrassing.

Volume up - Getting the axe. I'd love to continue it, but it's against FF guidelines.

Thoughts in Progress (Not works, as this is just in my mind some notes, nothing actually written for your guys' eyes):

I'm only letting you in on pairings you might see, main characters only. I may post actual ideas, if only for your opinions.

CotT: I've got a couple of things mulling in my head, but the plot threading is proving difficult and quite flawed at the moment.

Pairings I enjoy/may write about:






As you can see, I'm not big on Jay getting much love, in my opinion, he's yet to deserve it. Huh, maybe that's something to work with.

Harry Potter: TONS of ideas here. Mainly, I don't follow canon; if I do, it's a rare occurrence. It'll probably never be slash.

MLP: FiM: Probably won't act upon, but maybe.

Icemark Chronicles: I really like this series, but the fandom seems to have died off. Not kidding.

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