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Guess who's back? My writing mojo is back. Will be posting more updates soon. At the moment I am also working on a Highschool of the dead with an OG character inspired by Stephen Amells Arrow, a BSG/Star Trek crossover with Marvel inspired by FF Author 'Clavina's' A Phoenix and Wolverine, and a Supergirl crossover with my Power Rangers all time favorite Jason Lee Scott, former Red and Gold Ranger. For my Marvel/BSG/ST crossover, I am using the Captain America of Earth 982, but need help. For the story to work, I need Marvel character heroes from the Marvel Multiverse who have died or were near Deaths door. Peter Parker or Spider-Man of Earth of Earth 1610 is another one to be used in the story. Any others you can think of, so long as they were members of the Avengers in their respective universes, would be welcome. Until next time.

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