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Joined Dec '02

I'm a 37 years(old/young) Asian Female.

I love almost all ships.

Good News

9/25--My access to the internet has been restored by Andrew, took him a while.

Bad News

3/30/06--I don't seem to be getting chapter or author alerts from this site. I'm also unable to get any private messages as well.

9/22--My Internet access at home has started to be a little bad. I'll be answering from whatever computers that I can get access to.

9/25--Couldn't get on the internet due to my brother Andrew having a go with the computer.

Pet Peeves

1. Very bad spelling

I would be adding a list of shops of not to buy things from.

Little Known facts about the US Open
1. The US Open only last for two weeks.
2. There is a week of buying things tax free. Not sure about when it is.
3. The boardwalk to the tennis compound is roughly a half hour's walk.
4. After the men's finals on Sunday, Early Monday, all the merchandise is sold at half the price from all the vendors.

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