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Ooh, yeah. Stats.

Name: Timeless Wings (hahah *weak laughter*)

Current Status: hOW THE FUKC DO I GET A C IN PE LIKE WHAT- HS Freshman ha

Avatar Credit: . . . I'll catch up with you on that.

Fandoms: APH, Free!, SnK, Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Youtubers (TROYL ER FOR THE W IN), SSBB.

Current Obsession: KPOP Band BIGBANG- mostly GTOP LIKE W OW

That's enough. . . right?

Stories Section

Deleted: A LOT.

Will Delete: (why? well. they're kind of embarassing...)

Hope for the Katipunan Warriors: Facebook Style! Revised! Alice Human Sacrifice Hetalia version! I Dare You!

MAJOR Upheaval/Revising Stage: (ooh, thank your lucky stars i am not deleting.)

Hetalia Chaos


The Daily Life of Philippines Hetalia Chaos (see above) Trials and Tribulations

Work in Progress (WIPs): (well, well, well)

All's Fun and Games:

Summary: . . . until chaos erupts. But that's nothing new in the Brawl lifestyle. A set of one-shots about the Brawl lifestyle, following the tens mostly on how they handle the events one might or might not usually go through. Fandom: SSBB World: MouseMaster42's 'The Game' universe. (Maybe. I'll have to ask her about this when I'm not so sleepy.) Inspired by above, MouseMaster42. Yay

WIPs ON HOLD: (okay i am evil sorry sorry so sorry)

The House (APH) Mind and Body Trilogy (APH) Just as Suspected (APH) No One's Really Getting Out Alive (APH) Over the Line - Corruption (APH) Caged (APH) Where the Light Shines Brightest (APH)

Verses Section

T&T Verse:

Kingdoms: North Winterland, South Winterland, Summerland, Springville, and Autumn City

North Winterland Heirarchy:

King: ??? Queen: ??? Prince(s): Lukas Bondevik, Emil Steilsson
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