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Cure Cybertron PM
Joined Jun '11

Birthday: June 5th

Gender: Female

Old Name: Sailor Shinzo, Magical Princess

Check out my:

Deviantart page: sailorshinzo

Wattpad page: SailorCybertron

Quotev page: Cure Cybertron

Planned Stories:

Child of Primus: (Transformers Armada, Sailor Moon, Pokémon) summary coming soon. Serena x Darien (of course), Father Daughter relationship between Optimus Prime and oc, and Hot Shot x oc.

Likes: Apples, Watermelon, Video Games, Magic, Fairies, Mermaids, Dolphins

Dislikes: Evil, Fan fictions that were incomplete for a long time, Fan fictions that are incomplete forever (especially good ones), Fan fictions with cliffhangers (especially good ones, so please update your stories ASAP), Favorite fan fictions that got deleted, Bullies, Last minute changes (don't you hate it when people change things at the last minute?), Moving (wouldn't you rather stay in the town you live most of your life?)

Favorite Characters:

Transformers Armada: Hot Shot, Optimus Prime, Starscream

Transformers Energon: Hot Shot, Optimus Prime, Ironhide

Transformers Cybertron: Hot Shot, Optimus Prime, Vector Prime

Transformers Animated: Optimus Prime, Prowl, Bumblebee

Favorite TV Shows: Transformers Armada, Transformers Energon, Transformers Cybertron, Transformers Animated, I Survive a Japanese Game Show(It's too bad it got canceled after Season 2), Ghost Hunters, Haunted Collector, Donkey Kong Country (TV Series), Expedition Unknown, American Ninja Warrior, The Amazing Race, PreCure series (my personal favorite is Healin' Good Precure, Go Princess Precure, Kira Kira Precure a la Mode)

Favorite Movies: Transformers, Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformer: Dark of the Moon, Rise of the Guardians, Bionicle (all 4 movies), Frozen (1 & 2)

Favorite Video Games: Pokémon, Tales of series, Legend of Zelda series, Rune Factory series, Kingdom Hearts series, Disney Magical World 2, Atelier series, Sea of Thieves

Favorite Songs: Let It Go (from the movie Frozen)

Wanted: To see more Transformers Unicron Trilogy fanfiction (the ones I've favorite are great, but it seems I have more of the others series than those three combine and I also like the Hot Shot x OC pairings)

Favorite Quotes:

"Those no-good dirty rotten little yellow-bellied thieving slime-sucking salamanders!" -Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong: The Legend of the Crystal Coconut

"Hello." -Witch Hazel
"Good-bye." -Bugs Bunny
"Good grief." -Witch Hazel
"Good riddance." -Bugs Bunny

"I get to be your bodyguard for once. How cool is that?!" -Miko
"Raf found the first one here, right?" -Bulkhead
(the lights turn off for a second and Bulkhead screams loudly)
"Did you just scream like a little girl?" -Miko
"No! ... Maybe. ... Can we talk about this later?" -Bulkhead
-From Transformers Prime episode Scrapheap

"Bulkhead, I needed that!" -Ratchet from Transformers Prime

"When I said "Duck", I wasn't talking about the quacking kind." -Br'er Rabbit from Kinect Disneyland Adventures

"Where did it go?" -Piglet
"In the basement." -Tigger
"But I don't have a basement." -Piglet
"You do now." -Tigger
-From The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. (Don't know the title of the episode)

Eddie: I'm through with takin' falls!
I'm bouncin' off the walls!
Without that gun,
I'd have some fun.
I'd kick you in the--!
(he gets hit in head hard with vase)
Eddie: OW!
Roger: Nose!
Smart Ass: "Nose"?! That don't rhyme with "walls"!
Eddie: (gets back on his feet) No. But this does!
(he kicks Smart Ass in the groin, sending him flying and screaming into the Dip Mixer, which then dissolves him)
From the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit

"Oh no. I've got the madness. I've got cabin fever!" -Pirate #1
"I've got it too!" -Pirate #2
-From the movie Muppet Treasure Island.

Yzma: Pull the lever, Kronk! [Kronk pulls a lever, opening a trap door under Yzma; she falls through] WRONG LEVER!!! [splash]
Kronk: Uh–
Yzma: [comes out all wet and with a crocodile biting her dress] Why do we even have that lever?
-From the Disney film The Emperor's New Groove

"If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." -Jude from "Tales of Xillia"

Lindsay: (to Heather) You really are mean and all that bad stuff people say about you is true. Like how you're a two-faced, backstabbing, lying little, no good, selfish, heartless, pushy, bossy, mean, bully-of-a-girl. I always told them they were wrong. I stood up for you because I thought we were BFFs, but they're right. You really are a two-faced, backstabbing, lying little, no good, selfish, heartless, pushy, bossy, mean, bully-of-a-girl. And guess what? I don't want to be BFFs anymore. I'd rather spend the day staring at Owen's butt than shopping with you. And P.S. your shoes are tacky!
-From Total Drama Island episode That's Off the Chain.

Pumbaa (shivering): Are you sure they don't wanna eat me like I'm some kinda pig!?
Sora: We won't...but you are a pig, right?
(Pumbaa gets up and whirls around)
Pumbaa: Call me Mr. Pig!
-From the video game Kingdom Hearts 2

"A bolt of brilliance!" - Pikachu from Detective Pikachu

Hilda Spellman: Careful, Sabrina. All work and no play makes witches go bonkers.
-From Sabrina the Animated Series episode Brina Baby. (Personally, I agree with her)

Carolin Hubbard: [Greek Dr. Constantine and Michel carry an injured Poirot into the salon car] Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. (From the computer game Murder on the Orient Express)

Monkey: You know what the best part of the joke is? The punch line![Monkey punches Boar's face] (From Kung Fu Panda: Secret of the Scroll)

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