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Joined Jul '11

Age: Creeper much?

Likes: Yaoi (Like as much as air!), Music (Mostly Techno and Rock, as well as a bunch of random shit peppered in!), Pocky, tea, coffee (I usually drink anywhere from 2-4 cups on sundays... oh the fun of caffeine!!), Reading, Poetry(Preferrably dark!), Spazzing out with friends, or just by myself!, Really Angsty fanfic( Especially RusCan!), Yandere anything! (Hetalia especially!), And my alter egos/ OC's! (Though sometimes I wonder...)

Dislikes: Stupid people, preppy bitches, testosterone filled meatheads, Mushrooms, really shitty fanfics, people who abuse animals, crappy grammar!!! (I have no problem with things like lol, or Brb, but when u tipe liek dis! It annoys the hell out of me!!)

Random shit to know: Okay... What to write... Um, OH YEAH! Well one thing you must Abso-fucking-lutely MUST know, Is that I am a serious spazz!! Be warned, I can creep people out, and will plot your ineminent death if you piss me off! And It will be a violent one!

I absolutely LOVE yaoi, and ADORE RusCan! I am currently on a serious Hetalia kick!

Anything else you are interested in, just ask!

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