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Rewrite: 0% Complete.

Bare My Fangs:

Chapter 7: 100% Complete, has been posted.

Chapter 8: 10% Complete.


Chapter 17: 100% Complete, has been posted.

Chapter 18: 0% Complete


Chapter 2: 100% Complete, has been posted

Chapter 3: 0% Complete, under planning and plot building.

The Story Untold:

Rewrite: 0% Complete.

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Future Works:

Harry Potter-

Title: Undecided.

Summary: Everyone knew the Weasley family had more mouths than they could afford to feed. There was Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny, not to mention the parents themselves. So, honestly, what’s one more? OC/SI

Main Themes: Family, Drama, Action.

Rating: T

3rd person, multiple POVs.

Currently under planning and revision. Will most likely be a very long story.


Title: Undecided

Summary: Reikon wasn’t exactly an…average girl. And with that said, facing Shinigami’s, Hollows, Visored and any number of things certainly means she has her work cut out for her – especially with a madman on the rise and her soul just barely hanging on. (There’s no such thing as happy endings, only a continuation of peace before shit hits the fan.) Semi-realistic SI/OC.

Main Themes: Family, Action, Friendship

3rd person limited.

Currently under planning and revision, will not be posted until I am sufficiently satisfied with the state of my other stories.

About me!

hi i'm dev.

there isn't much to say about me other than if you're interested in my stories you should know i have trouble writing and will most likely take frequent, long breaks between updates. thanks for checking out my profile //

My Emotional Rose

White is the color of purity, chastity and innocence. White Roses are generally associated with new beginnings, and can be used to convey sympathy or humility. They also are indicative of spirituality. Your bubbly personality has a childlike innocence that is charming and irresistible. You see the wonders of the endless universe while finding joy in the smallest of things. You never judge others by outward appearances and seek out the inherent good in even the most mean spirited hearts. Far from being naive, you simply choose to embrace life's gifts with enthusiasm and hope. Touching all you meet with your pure white light, you are the White Rose.

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