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Happy New Year 2018 everyone.

First of all, I'm so SORRY for the long absent, been busy and all. Secondly Thank You for all the support I had received for my stories.

As you had read, I'm a big fan of Hermione Granger thanks to the lovely Emma Watson who had played the character so beautifully and had became my most favourite actress of all time. I can see the similarity between Hermione and Emma. Both are very compassionate, cared and wanted for equality for all, headstrong, brave, beautiful inside out, stubborn which I loved so much because I felt that that's what makes Hermione and Emma the best example for 'Girl/Woman's Power' and not forgetting know-it-all and bossy which makes her the most strongest, if Hermione didn't have these so-called annoying behaviour, then she won't be able to stand for herself and showed the world that she too are capable to doing the best and heck even better than anyone else. Very much hated Hermione/Ron, for me that relationship is what I'd called abusive relationship, and for those Hermione/Ron shipper who think that these are "cute and lovely" I think that these people just loved abusive relationship, and that's not very healthy.

Don't get me wrong, I can tolerate Hermione and Ron being best friends and all but I cannot see them as pairing, they fought too much and I strongly think that she is better off with one of the twins or with Harry himself, I feel sad that he end up with his fangirl just because she looked almost like his mother, what a joke here. The only similarity that I can see between Ginny and Lily are the red hair, but for me the one who resembled Lily the most is Hermione because of their intelligent and both are Muggleborn.

But somehow, even with my view I still paired Harry and Ginny together, what a joke, for myself that is, but to be honest I'm not against it that much, I still can tolerate Harry/Ginny but I cannot tolerate Hermione/Ron.

So far I had written stories mostly on Harry Potter, with of course Hermione Granger being my main character. And also I had few ideas that I had in mind, but right now I am trying to focus on my ongoing (long hiatus) stories, and so far I had planned to make some changes on some of these stories. The of my readers/reviewers had shown me some points where after I reread back those stories/chapters I realised that I could change to make more sense into those stories.

My favorite character of all time would be Hermione Granger, and favourite pairing would be Hermione/Harry for HPverse.

And so far I've written lots of crossover stories on HP/mostly anime, namely Katekyo Hitman Reborn and of course with Hermione being the main character, I just can't helped it.

Since my favourite character in Harry Potter is Hermione I wish to read more of her and I love to read about her being paired with other characters besides the characters from Harry Potter but sorry to say but I'm not a big fan of Twilight, I don't despise Twilight, just not a fan that's all but I can tolerate the crossover story if Hermione is one of the main character and not the evil one.

Other pairings I can accept and read;

Harry/Ginny (Lately, not much to be honest but I can tolerate it if the stories are crossover and Hermione is the main characters of HP or as long as there's Hermione though as long as it won't be Hermione/Ron).

Ron/Luna - I think that Luna was the best pairing for Ron compared to Hermione


I not a fan Hermione/Ron because of their constant bickering and I believed that they are better off as friend and I think that JK Rowling should rewrite her book about Hermione and Ron relationship so that she might be end up with George (hehehehe) or even Harry, and if she didn't kill Fred, Hermione should end up with him XD

Lately I've gotten lots of ideas for new stories and so, but somehow I am unable to write all those stories because I'm still struggled with my current ones, but somehow I would love to try more of different stories as well, but usually the main would be HP with Hermione being the main characters. Last time I had the idea to write a HP/FFXV (formerly known as FFvsXIII), trust me I felt in love with the main characters, even now, but somehow FFXV are still ongoing in the making and thus had lots of changes since it had been introduced, and trust it's getting frustrated, but I always tried to keep up with the updates of this one. I've watched the first episode of it's anime version and had no idea when the second episode would be, and also waiting for it's spin-off, the FFXV: Kingsglaive to be released. I've watched the trailer and I felt in love immediately.

Anyway if any of you my dear readers had any regards or questions regarding all these that I've said, do not hesitate to PM me, and also at this moment I am looking for a beta reader quite desperately. If any of you would like to be my beta, please do PM me as well, I am so thankful if any of you are willing to be.

Important notes: At the moment I am so ANGRY for being banned in Malaysia, my birth country and I'm like 'WHAT THE HELL'. Who's the bloodly imbecile who decided this, taking away our freedom like that, and in my head I am being to wonder if they are trying to turn this country into the bloodly North Korea or something like that. I've been a fan and writer thanks to where I could read stories of my liking and even shared mine, and I was like hell I'm going to let them stopping me from accessing this websites and I would do anything for this. Luckily thanks to whoever out there who had created some excellent apps that helped us to enable to access to this websites again, thank you thank you.

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