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I like one-shots. I like it rough and angsty and abundant doses of snark and sweetness on the side. I dabble in non-canon but am a canon girl at heart.

I just like to lurk it. I read almost everything but I flounce fast. Quality over quantity; save your 40 chapters for someone else. Needs more crackfic, too.


I am here for silly fanfic shenanigans but I am not here for lazy attention seeker word thieves. it is very easy to tell when a work is not your own, and there's nothing worst than a plagiarist. I also irrationally loathe pulled to publish authors. If you leave a story incomplete to only give them bad names like Spencer and Auberdeen or whatever, you are a fool and I won't be your boo boo the fool and give you my two cents to find out how your badly edited """novel"""" turns out. No thanks; keep it. Good luck with that by all means...but keep it over there.

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