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i live in the US in Mississippi witch is a beautiful place my b-day is july 11 i love: to read, cake & cookies, and steak, supernatural stuff like vampires and witches, i hate: to be alone, spiders, snakes, and lizards also anything that is a reptile they are just to creepy. okay i know this probably sounds weird but i love the dark i find it fascinating and beautiful because there are things like the moon and stars and sometimes the occasional coyote's howling or fire flies lighting up the night.

this is the other websites i like to go to and read







and http:///

i know that's alot but i do love to read.

so hope you check out some of the websites and like them.

But anyways I'm a strange individual and proud of it, I like to talk alot to I have friends that are a pain in the ass but that's why i love them and you probably are thinking oh no she has vulgar language i admit i do so if you have a problem with anything i write on my wall then here is something i got to say why are you even reading my profile and get off of it if you don't like what i say there are way better things that you could be doing than being nosy so by by

now that i have that out i just felt like adding some stuff to my profile and i wanted to say that i will try to update Lost in a New Time soon by to any flamers or fans of mine :P

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