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Hello everyone!
I'm so suprised anyone even still my fanfiction page. I haven't been on here in three years. But, all my writings on here are from when i was in middle school, and now I'm a freshman in college so I know everything is one giant cringe fest on this account. I don't really write on here anymore, but I've gotten a sudden boost to write more, so I may be writing on here again. But if I do, it'll most likely be redo's of my old writings. Like, taking chapters I've written and completely updating and rewriting them. Hahah. I will also be deleting a few of my stories.

I already deleted my Real Steal AU, and I will be deleting my Once Upon a Time AU. If I come across another fanfiction that I realize I had no idea where I was thinking of going with it when I was younger, I'll most likely delete it to. Hahah. But I'll keep it updated here as to which are to be deleted.

Also, here you can see which story I'm working on redoing, progress on chapters, and which I've started to do. If you would like me to message you, and send out a personal reminder as to when I'm reposting/updating a chapter, then please DM me and I'll do it!

Hope everyone's having a good day~~


Feb. 25, 2018- Currently reading through my old works and figuring out which I remember the original plot for, and which I completely forgot. So some stories may dissapear, but some I'll post an update chapter to say if I will be redoing the story or not.

- Rose and Raising hope have been deleted. Raising Hope I had started by basing the main character and the boyfriend off of me and an ex I had, so I deffinetly don't even want to touch that one. Hahah. And Rose, I know if i continued that story, the main girl would have become even more of a mary sue than she already was, and that's something no one would want to happen.

- One Armed Aiko will probably be the first I work on because that seems the easiest for me to rewrite first. Hahah.

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