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Well, I'm Sue Ann.

I'm a 21 year old Rusher that loves Kendall Schmidt.

I am a HUGE Kogan fan, and so my fanfics will mostly be Kogan. Although I am also quite a fan of Jarlos, so the mixing of those two would not be uncommon. And for friendship pairs, Kenlos and Kames - not slash...friendship pairs haha :)

I am also a huge Grimm fan (Nick and Monroe thankyouverymuch :) haha), but I probably won't write any of those...We'll just have to see :)

Also, I am a hardcore Jane and Billy shipper...Jane By Design anyone? Those two just HAVE to get together, or I'll cry haha

I like to sing, write, and hang with friends.

Want to know anything else, feel free to PM me :)

If you don't want to read me going off on poetic tangents, then you can stop reading my profile after this sentence: Love you! :)

I like to think of myself as Cinderella.

As a child, probably at about 7 or 8, I was enthralled by the lives of the Disney Princesses. But I think every young girl is at one point in their life.

My favorite was Cinderella.

I used to wrap a soft, baby blue silk blanket around myself - my ball gown - and nestle a plastic silver tiara in my dark blonde hair, paying no mind to the fact that some of the plastic jewels were missing.

It made me feel pretty.

I would sing along with "So This Is Love" and close my curious blue eyes, allowing my imagination to paint a portrait of a grown-up-me arm-in-arm with a handsome, loving prince.

Now, at that pivotal age of 20 in which society has classified me as an adult, as I wash filthy dinner dishes every night thick with burnt macaroni and cheese, and scrub the practically spotless hardwood kitchen floor, I still like to consider myself Cinderella.

I still sing "So This Is Love" quietly to myself, hoping that maybe a nearby woodland creature will hear me and offer to help me clean my prison cell, but I'm much to wise...I know that will never happen.

That doesn't happen in real life, and I doubt that it ever will.

But then I transpose my quiet melody to a minor key.

Because if the story of Cinderella is a fairy tale - complete fiction and wishful thinking - and if soft newborn fawns and eager dancing squirrels don't sing or clean...

Then that must mean that princes and true love don't exist either.

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