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I'm in the process of transferring Brand New World, Mercy or Something Else, and The Lion and the Lamb over to ao3. For a variety of reasons (troll reviews/ site glitches/ editing hassle, etc.), after finishing House Pet, I will no longer be posting on FFN. All of my future stories will be posted only on ao3.

Chapter Order to read Brand New World and Mercy and Something Else (Katie/ Marcus) to avoid spoilers:

Brand New World- Ch. 56 High Stakes

Mercy or Something Else- CH. 1 Revel

Mercy or Something Else- Ch. 2 Something Else

Mercy or Something Else- Ch. 3 The Cottage by the Sea

Brand New World- Ch. 58 Sharpening the Sword

Brand New World- Ch. 59 The Talent

Mercy or Something Else- Ch. 4 An Arrangement

Brand New World- Ch. 60 Nature and Nurture

Brand New World- Ch. 61 Flipped in Reverse

Brand New World- Ch. 62 Reap the Reward

Mercy or Something Else- Ch. 5 Tangled Vines

Mercy or Something Else- Ch. 6 Mercy

Brand New World- Ch. 63 Sleight of Hand

The last four chapters of the sequel for Lion and the Lamb were somehow deleted from my cloud, and I haven't been able to recover them. I'm in the process of rewriting, since I still have my detailed outline. It might be toward April/ May before I have time to finish it.

I took Caged off the site for now. I've plotted it out and have some written, but it's pretty dark. After 2020, I'm not sure if I'm in the right mindset for something that goes dark and stays dark. I'm not sure if I'll pick it up again. Maybe when I finish Brand New World.

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