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NOTE: Okay so um, it's been really long since I posted anything here and I guess you could kind of say I've moved to lj and AO3.

Though I rarely post a story for which the plot isn't at least outlined, it may happen that I get fed up with a fic and update a bit later than planned. I try to avoid it, really, but sometimes, plotbunnies die on me. That's probably why I've been writing mostly one-shots lately.

The following pairings may be foundin my fics somewhere :
(Weiss Kreuz) Crawford/Schuldich, Crawford/Aya, Crawford/Nagi, Crawford/Ken, Yohji/Ken, Yohji/Farfarello, Yohji/Aya, Yohji/Omi, Yohji/Schuldich, Aya/Ken, Omi/Schuldich, Omi/Nagi, Omi/Ken, Schuldich/Nagi, Schuldich/Farfarello, Schuldich/Ken, Nagi/Farfarello (YuGiOh) Seto/Joey, Bakura/Ryou, Yami/Yugi, Otogi/Joey, Bakura/Yami, Marik/Malik, Otogi/Honda, Joey/Mai, Seto/Shizuka, Seto/Honda, Yugi/Anzu, Mokuba/Shizuka, Pegasus/Cecelia, Seto/Otogi, Bakura/Otogi, Shadi/Ishizu, Otogi/Ishizu, Mokuba/Shizuka (Gravitation) Yuki/Shuichi, Tatsuha/Ryuichi (Vampire Game) Yujinn/Darres, Krai/Jill (Dragon Knights) Kai-stern/Tetheus, Thatz/Kitchel (Dragaera) Morrolan/Vlad, Sethra/Aliera, Mario/Aliera
I also dabble in several other fandoms, like Nightrunner, Demon Diary, Victory Nelson, Deathstalker, Coldfire-trilogy, The Demon Ororon, Eerie Queerie!, Torchwood and Numb3rs.

About updates:
in general ~tbc~ means a fic will be continued, while ~OWARI~ means a fic is finished. Kind of self-explanatory, isn't it?

Yu-Gi-Oh this, too, has passed (don't expect anything new from me in this fandom)
http:///misuran/YGOcatalogue.html (all my finished works are sorted by pairing here)

Weiss Kreuz nothing lasts forever (don't expect anything new from me in this fandom)
http:///misuran/WKcatalogue.html (all my finished works are sorted by pairing here)

Other fandoms
http:///misuran (an overview of about half of what I've written over the years, updated every now and then)

My not-so-brand-new lifejournal: http:/users/misura/

fanfiction-sites that may be of interest:

http:/// -GetBackers yaoi fanfic-archive
http:// - anime fanfics
http:///in-r20Hnqt/ - a YuGiOh archive
http:///bishfics - anime fanfics

Shrines that may be of interest:

http:/// - 'My shooting star' (Seto/Joey)
http:///yamivixen/ -'Blue eyes, black dragon' (Seto/Joey)
http:///random_numbers - 'Random numbers' (Otogi/Honda)

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