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:D I like Hellsing, Invader Zim, Devil May Cray, 300, Hetalia, Excel Saga ...

I use to read Hindu philosophy... xD what? it's true I like it I think they are clever, you should read it too it's better than a religion and meditation gives you peace of mind

fav characters from Hetalia: Bad Friends Trio! They are awesome Honhonhon-Kesesesese-Fusosososos xD I fucking love them

:D I love too Tomato gang! Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Romano xD they are my favourites in matrioshka

I like too Greece but he's insipid, :D uk is more funny and I like to see Alfred eating xD lol

about pairings... let's see

male/female= Prussia/Elizabetha and Spain/ Belgium x3 and Belarus/Ivan XD LOL

Friends/Family = Prussia and Germany

Male/Male = SpainxWorld xD lol Spain/France/Spain and Uk/Spain (/Uk sometimes) are my OTP I like too Pomato (Gilbert/Antonio) and SpAus (Austria/Spain/Austria) X3 House of habsburg

I like Alucard and Dante xD but Antonio is so *NOSEBLEED* he's so nice :D I love the smell and taste of chocolate with churros he cooking good x3 I want a boy like him xD

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