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Hi there,

I'm Zombiekitten and you may know me from spamming the web with Cillian Murphy fanart. //////

The main reason why I'm publishing here: My love for Edward Dillinger jr from Tron:Legacy... I truly ADORE him, and this little cameo was just not enough to satisfy me, so I decided to let him live on in my head - and in my fics. ;)

Note: I'm not a native English speaker! I'm actually Swiss (from the German part). So have mercy with my writing and grammer.

I hope you enjoy my stories A Little Gift From ENCOM and the sequel DEXTRA. Please let me know your opinion about them. I love reading reactions to what I wrote and sometimes reviews are even inspiring me and helping me to write further when I'm stuck. I'm deeply grateful for every feedback, if as a critic or a praise.

Please note that erotic (not porn!) takes quite a prominent and important part in my fics. Erotic is part of life, of love, and also of my stories and its characters. My way of writing sexual stuff could be described as a mix of hotness and sensuality. ;)

If anyone's interested in my Cillian fanart, here my little homepage:


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