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Joined Jul '11 I'm new here and all...and I love reading fanfics!I mean I've read ALOT of them!I've wanted to review so many so bad and couldn't because I didnt have an account!but now I'm so happy cause I do have one now!I will try to write a story or two and put it on here once in a while,but for now I'll tell u a little about myself,I love anime,manga,movies,games and anything else that envolves rotting ur brain...hehe!I like yaoi and will probably write all my stories on it,right now I'm obsessed with transformers and hetalia,current couples:starscreamxmegatron,samxbumblebee,samxmegatron,ratchetxironhide, and for hetalia:romanoxspain,italyxgermany,austriaxprussia,russiaxprussia,romanoxprussia,englandxamerica,canadaxamerica(not really crazy about Canada and America...but it's ok)I LOVE itacest!(aka italyxromano) and that's about it for please give me a warm welcome!it's a pleasure being here!and when I write my first story...please be nice!bye-bye for now...


Ok everyone!i actually re-read my profile thingy recently and almost bit my lip off at how...I dont know...7th grade this sounded (NO offense to u seventh graders!you guys are awesome!man do I miss my middle school years...anyway...)A LOT has I'm COMPLETELY obsessed with blue exorcist,(AMAIMON AND MEPHISTO LOVER FOREVER!!)and yes my life mostly still revolves around yaoi...I still love hetalia just not as much as I used to...I still love a lot of stuff sooooo I haven't changed much...sand I'm also majorly obsessed with C the money of soul and possibility control!!!(IF YOU HAVE NEVER WATCHED IT GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW IT'LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!)and to those of you who know what I'm talking about...isnt Masakaki an awesome devil?X3anyway,have a nice time ummm reading this biography I guess...0.o oh and my cosplaying friend apparently says hi umm if I were you just ignore this...COMPLETELY..

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