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I write Harry Potter Fanficiton. I became tired of the number of incomplete and abandoned stories and decided to write my own. Due to my Pet Peeves, I will not post a story on these fan fiction sites until it is complete.

I write both explicit and non-explicit stories. Due to the fluctuating policy, I will not be posting any explicit content on FF. Explicit stories will be posted on AFF or AO3.

I am in the USA. My stories will lack a number of Britishisms, if someone would like to Volunteer to beta for me to add some British flaver that would be welcome.

Most of my stories will use the same family tree for Harry. Sometimes with a creature inheritance, sometimes as a fully human wizard. These stories are NOT all in the same universe. Divination is a vague science many prophecies can only be understood in hind-sight. I will be exploring a few different interpretations of the Prophecy given to us by JK Rowling. Some versions will cover:

False Prophecy (paired with evil or manipulative Dumbledore)
Using the dictionary definitions of Live and Survive
The Other not being Harry or Tom
The Prophecy was completed Oct 31, 1981
The Dark Lord is rather vague, who says it's Tom Riddle?
There could be Two dark lords in the same prophecy.
Seventh month... of which calender. Chinese? Lunar (Hebrew)? Gregorian?

I post on Dual Sites, Fanfiction and AdultFanFiction. Some stories will be more explicit on AFF than the version posted here. Differences will be noted in the list below.

Sacramentum Effrego is identical on both sites. This story doesn't look at the prophecy or Harry's relationship with Voldemort, Dumbles is the dark lord and harry neutralizes him with a ritual calling on a broken oath.

On to Pet Peeves:

Harry is a horcrux: It is implied in cannon that an artifact must be prepared to be used as a container. Riddle had to find the right refereneces to make his first Horcrux. I agree with the idea of a damaged soul being unstable, but Harry was never prepared for use as a container, nor was the soul anchored in him. If Tom was immediately dis-embodied he didn't anchor anything. So while Harry's scar may contain a piece of Riddle's soul, it is not a 'must kill Harry' situation. A basic exorcism or other magical cleansing ritual would probably have worked early, before the soul shard linked to harry and his magic.

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