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hi fan fic people!!! i'm new here and still learning the author tools of the trade. so anyone who can help me get better acquainted with the site would be greatly accepted.

I'm a huge fan of Bones. My fav pair is obviously Booth/Bones pairings.

anyways I have a quote from the fanfiction 'Beauty and the tragedy' on ch. 10 'Iris' that really tugged my heart strings:

"This was how she knew she was dying.

He was there.

Booth was standing in front of her. Touching her, talking softly. Everything just the way he remembered. She couldn't make out the words; it was like they were coming from far away.

She only knew that he was there. And it didn't make any sense. Because Booth was dead, and she'd always firmly believed, never questioning, that after death there was nothing.

But he was there.

And Brennan had never been so glad to be wrong."

I know it sounds strange out of context but I suggest reading it if you're up to a heart breaking love story in a strange AU.

these are my beautiful brain children that I plan on making a fic about or just lending them out to other authors:

Superhero/Villan Name: Mary n' NAT

Real name: Maria Smith, Neural. Artificial. Technoid.

Race: Human/Robot

Age: Mary:15, NAT: Unknown

Gender: Mary: Female, NAT: portrays himself as Male

Affiliation: Hero

Relations: Father and mother: Deceased, Lives with her grandfather, Mentors: Mary: Black Canary, NAT: Red Tornado

Home: Live in a loft on top of her grandfather's toy shop.

Civilian Appearance: Mary: stands at 5' 4"Platinum blonde shoulder length hair, Caucasian, Usually found wearing simple clothing (Jeans, T-shirt, etc.), Wearing a metal plated backpack (See NAT's Civilian appearance) and biker gloves, which are her remote gloves in disguise (See equipment). NAT: Can make himself small and compact resembling a metal back pack.

Superhero/Villain Appearance: Mary's hair is in high pigtails, the jewelry that holds her hair in place are actually a type of transmitters that can communicate with NAT and vice versa. Her gloves are metallic and covers her forearms, these control NAT's actions similar to a puppeteer. She wears an orange Poncho/hoodie with the hood up. The hoodie has two holes on the top so her pig tails can stick out. She wears jeans laced with Kevlar. Mary conceals her identity with a simple bandana covering her mouth.

NAT is 6' even. Torso is a cylindrical shape with the letters N A T going down the right side, the stomach area is a big ball joint. Arms and legs look like pipes connected to ball joints. Left hand has 4 digits(three fingers and thumb), Right hand is a plasma mini gun attached to his arm. Head is a square-ish shape, jaw is hinged that encompasses his whole head, resembling an eagle beak. His eyes and voice box are both IN the jaw area.

Superpowers: Mary: basic martial arts, excellent strategist, attention to miniscule details, and very good with mechanics and robotics.

NAT: Durable alloy (experimental light weight Tungsten to be specific). Plasma mini gun can shoot varying rounds from stun to lethal ( Mary forces NAT to refrain from using lethal rounds). Left arm is also a grapple hook that can attach to buildings to move or to pull Mary out of harm's way. Strength is as strong as five men.

Equipment: Mary: Remote gloves and electric prod for CQC. NAT: See above

Intelligence: Mary is very book smart but hasn't used any of it in an actual scenario

NAT: has the intelligence of a super computer and is self aware but suffers from one drawback (See Weaknesses)

Strengthens: Mary is able to see minute details and come up with multiple strategies.

NAT is a combat effective robot drone that has a precise accuracy because he's a robot he feels no pain. Logic rules over his mind which could be good or bad.

Weaknesses: Mary is a normal human and is very exposed to threats; because she controls NAT if someone knocks her out or stops her hand movements, NAT wont function. NAT is ruled by logic which means he has no concept of what the best choices are or what is right or wrong. NAT operates with Mary on a specific frequency that controls his actions, if that frequency is disrupted then he is at a standstill not knowing what he should do. A drawback is Mary and NAT have constant mental arguments on how they should handle situations (Similar to blue beetle's problem).

Personality: Mary is a silent girl. whether if it's because she's mute or has nothing to say is unknown. Instead she communicates through simple sign-language or gestures. If she has something urgent she needs to say then she mentally sends it NAT to convey it.

NAT is similar to Red Tornado, not understanding humans but still wants to learn their customs. He asks constant questions that starts out with: INQURERY: then the question or if he talks he start with: STATMENT. When Mary send a message to NAT to talk to others he says MARY STATES, or MARY INQUIRES, etc.

Backstory: Mary was a curious girl when she was younger. Her father and mother were famous in robotics. One day she found NAT in disrepair in her parents work shop. Her parents let her keep it as a decoration in her room. Her parents were killed by a mugger when they were walking home. Later she moved to her grandfather's house that was above his toy shop. She wanted to make a difference and to stop bad people like the muggers that killed her parents but had no idea how. Seeing her grandpa entertaining some children with Marionettes gave her the inspiration to repair NAT. When NAT was first online he had no idea how to function. After many trial and error, she designed the Remote Gloves and her pigtail transmitters to control NAT's actions. They now patrol their town stopping small-time crimes. This continued this until they both received an invitation to join Young Justice.

Likes: Mary: reading, new technologies, puzzles, toys, games

NAT: History channel, watching others interact, asking questions about people

Dislikes: Mary: People acting like idiots, long-winded explanations, people making fun of her silence.

NAT: Lack of action, unwise actions, people changing the TV when he's watching.

Relationships: sure go for it

Anything else: she has an odd admiration for anything high tech.

*Sigh* This FF purge might get irritating. I hope this blows over. I swear if they delete any of my fav stories then I will be pissed!!!

But this new site http:/// might be a good fall back if this purge gets out of hand.

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