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I am a college student from Los Angeles, California. My major is Geography and Foreign Language. I know some Mandarin Chinese but not fluent, still in the beginning stages. I enjoy reading fan fiction. I feel like some of my ideas are under developed.

I'm kind of old, a little close to 30 but enjoy watching anime. My little brother got me into watching it.

Anime's I've watched

1. Pokemon

2. Digimon

3. Yu-gi-oh

4. Bakugan

5. Dragonball Z

6. Bayblade

7. Naruto

8. Naruto Shippuden

9. Bleach

10. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

11. The Familar Of Zero

12. Rosario Vampire

13. Fairy Tail

14. Durara

15. Deadman Wonderland

16. Casshern Sins (Hope I spelled it right.)

17. Clannad (One of my new favorite animes.)

18. Eureka 7

19. Samurai 7

I also watch other shows

1. Supernatural

2. Glee

3. Degrassi TNG

4. House

5. 90210

6. Meduim

7. Ghost Whisper

8. The X Factor

9. Family Matters

10. The Nanny

11. The Waynes Brothers

12. Martin

13. Wild N Out

14. Family Guy

15. American Dad

16. The Real World

17.The New Adventures Of Old Christine

18. Suits

19. Nurse Jackie

20. The United States Of Tara (Not sure if it still comes on.)

21. Tudors

Shipping is fun but not something to take too seriously. Some fans try to prove that their ship is better. Honeslty, it ruins the experience of watching shows especially, anime. But, I also feel that the fictional pairings we ship are based on what we feel a good relationship possibilties. Not always based on what kind of relationships we want to be in.

Secondly, their are some pairings that are out right ridiculous like incest.

Yiao. I'm not a homophone but, just isn't my style. Yuri I can fairly tolerate, sometimes.

They're some pairings that I don't like at all like Ichiruki. I understand that it's popular with a lot of fans. It's actually not that bad but, can't bring myself to like it. My brother is one of them and sometimes try to tell me it's better. I ask him how? The reasons are somewhat logical but, mostly overly biased. I know I'm biased as well I like Ichihime but try to understand both pairings. You can't make anyone love you back but seriously how much emotional pain can one person can take before having a nervous breakdown. Maybe I can relate because I'm a girl who knows a lot about rejection.

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