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My Names A'Lee'Ray, I am 23 and I love books, movies, and video games.

I am a big fan of genderbending, slash, time travel, angst/dark stories. I believe Harry Potter is the ultimate crossover, and I wish there was more Harry Potter and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter crossovers. I wish there were more Narnia fics; especially where Narnia comes to Earth.

I'm obsessed with a french cartoon called Wakfu, Attack on Titan, Voltron, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Love Game of Thrones (though disappointed in how it ended), Manifest, and Once Upon A Time. Addicted to playing Tomb Raider, Fable, and Skyrim.

Favorite Fanfiction

Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Realization of Fate By: meurysan, Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus By: The Carnivorous Muffin, A Long Time Ago By: GreyFey,

Twilight - A Hundred Winks of Sunshine By: Tsume Yuki, Broken Seams By: Moon Witch '96, Swans - Buy One Get One By: EllieFayeT, Karma's A Witch By: JacklynnFrost, Hear No Evil By: BlueSea14, Major Desires By: Tamilya, Forever is Longer than it Seemes By: weedom, Protector By: Kittanja, Automatically By: HingingOnYourEveryWord, Dr McDreamy By: FireGirl09, I Saw You Coming By: Saritadreaming, Scheme Of Fate By: thebugroom, I See Dead People By: bloodyblond, Light Within the Darkness By: DodgerHolden, The Game By: Enchanted47, My Blue Pixie By: maliciouspixie5, All I Want By: Alexiraw, Hunter By: Stephen King Reincarnated, The American President By: rushed, Alice's Jasper, Edward's Bella By: LyricalKris, Blood In The Snow By: shewoolf, The Nanny By: Orchid Child, Under the Waves By: mssdare, Carnal Desires By: Luna Luce, Seeing Bella By: sherryola, Reboot By: Diana Law, The Unaccompanied SoulBy: JMCullen09, Leaves of Grass By: Nauticalmass, Am I Dreaming? By: 2brown-eyes, To Find a Twin By: emmettsmybigteddybear, Romance Is Dead By: Kato97, Brother Bear By: 2brown-eyes, Heroin ain't got nothing on you By: Smile-J, Don't I Know You? By: Not All Heroes Wear Capes, My Vampire Jasper By: NeiNeer, Shields of Power By: thunderful, You are, The Only Exception By: Holly1980, This Is Not My Life By: IsaKassees, Wolverine By: Stephen King Reincarnated, Seducing Ms Swan By: DQRC, Only Human By: Amethyst Jackson, A Vision Stained with Red By: XDCaramel, Passing By By: DeltaSwan90, A Stained Seduction By: BlueBlood359, Finding Family By: LAoR, Firestarter By: Stephen King Reincarnated, Royale By: EmmaleeWrites05, Destiny of Dreams By: marykat, Dreamer By: JasperIsAManlyMan

Percy Jackson - The Light Before We Land By: Felicity Dream, Waking Up The Ghost By: Perseia Jackson

Chronicles of Narnia - All Grows Dark By: Alicia Olivia Mirza, 2 Worlds Collide By: FaerieRing, The Project By: Hazelsd, Letting the Light Shine Through By: Quills and Inkwells, A Narnian Revelation By: cap red, No More Pretending By: Annie-marie6, Keeping the Faith By: Sentimental Star, The Good Faun By: StarTrekFanWriter

Hunger Games - Seam Girls By: AyYouFiction, 74th Hunger Games Challenge: We Always Were By: Jamie Sommers, In Name Only By: Izzy Samson, Alone in a Crowded Room By: Wollaston

Divergent Trilogy - Best Friend to Instructor By: dhphg0201

Game of Thrones - The Raven's Plan By: The Sithspawn, The Second Chance War By: wilkins75, The Wheel Unbroken By: The Animaniac Dude, A Second Chance By: Western Witch, Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things By: The Queen of Thorns, A Song of a Sweet Rose By: dragonpyre, Winter Thorns of Highgarden By: Madrigal-in-training, Valar Botis (All Men Must Endure) By: Falcon-Rider, Incandescent By: Madrigal-in-training, A Mother Cannot Be No One By: MannixMind, Howling through Winter By: Odd-Wold-Pen, Shadowcats and Direwolves By: Dracones

Eureka - The Science of the Heart By: Inder, Once More By: Silver-Entrantress-Elf, Chasing the Tide By: Kuro The Dark Ringmaster, Love In A Strange Town By: TwitterBug, Flash Forward to Eureka By: Lozzimal, Twice in a Lifetime By: SereneQuill

Star Trek - Family Matters By: simirulz, Another Little White Lie By: rayrae118, Home Also I Cannot Go By: soonanemone, My Own Person By: alizomes, You and I By: KrazzeeAJ1701, An Unwritten Path By: Tishbing, Quite a Team By: potatomydragons, Take a Third Option By: MissCar, Lovers By: coffee666, When You Feel My Heat By: keltieful, A Trick of Eros By: Dreamwind1, Cardinal Rule By: SakuraMinamino, Lost Stars By: KrazzeeAJ1701, I'll Be Here By: KrazzeeAJ1701, You Don't Have to Be My Boyfriend By: MissCar, Don't I Know you? By: Tishbing, Kaiidth By: OMhypothesis, What Part of 'No' Did You Not Understand? By: LibraMoon, Even the Stars By: BorntoDraw, What Shouldn't Be But Ultimately Is By: whayshouldntbe, A Girl Like Jim By: Dracophile

Once Upon a Time - North Star By: Daryah, One Last Night By: shippingtheswann, Remember When By: Emilee Amythyst, When Love Reigns By: EmilyBea, Through the Centuries By: Locerofallfiction, The Curse of Bean Sidhe By: Oubliette14, Love will thaw By: Fawnya, Unlocked By: totheendoftheworldortime79, These Dreams By: karmacanary, Kiss My Gentle Burning Bruise By: clarkLover1, Across Time And Space By: Annaelle, Hollow Beginnings By: EmeraldRomance, WASN'T LOVE, LOVE By: Revenessa, Honor Thy Father By: DaesGatling

Smallville - Superman's Soul By: ladythik, Clara Kent Superwoman By: voldivoice, A Mother's Love By: Bluebell Flame Echo, Freefall By: newyork24-7

Avatar the Last Airbender - The Last By: TheRoseyOne, The Wolf and the Badger By: badwolf-27, Sokka: Master of the Black Sword By: The Jade Knight, CHOICES By: 3H

Legend of Korra - The Legend of the Avatar By: Kamogawa, Appearances By: ClockworkCaptain, The Woman in White By: ClockworkCaptain, Anniversary By: ClockworkCaptain, Beyond the Void By: ClockwarkCaptain, The Prince and the Avatar By: ForbiddenLove3535, Last Night By: Speedy08, Fight Like a Girl By: unicornhime

Fullmetal Alchemist - Until We Get Our Happy Ending By: PointlessKnife, Transmutated Flowers By: AnabelleX, Reverti Ad Praeteritum By: Batsutousai, Spirit Animals By: The FullmetalBitch, Fullmetal Alchemist: Genesis By: Dead Bones Sam

Attack On Titan - A Second Chance By: Isil'zha BLZ, Morally Unethical By: AristoMuse, Rogue By: RedCoaster, Titan through time By: Syrup-Waffle

X-Men - Alternitly By: Spamberguesa, Serendipity By: Askevron, The Promise By: Angels Falls8, Diapers, SchoolBooks and Adamantium Claws By: desy, Past Tense By: Skull Bearer

Danny Phantom - Shift By: CaptainOzone, Amity Park LIVE By: RedHeadsRock1010, Secrets Revealed By: RedHeadsRock1010, Things I Can(not) Do in Amity Park By: RedHeadsRock1010, Stranded with My Class By: RedHeadsRock1010, Strength By: WildFireBurnsTheForest, Trapped In School By: Looka'sMagicHell, Field Trip By: Destiny Obake, The Creation of a Phantom By: Hornswaggler, Trapped in the Ghost Zone By: ghostgal4, Danny Fenton's Divine Comedy By: Felicity Dream, Pretend You Love Me By: Girl in Blue

Voltron: Legendary Defender - One More Night By: eravicis, Carnation Complication: Before Voltron Arc By: CacophonyEG, flicker By: DiscordianSamba, anomalous point By: DiscordianSamba, I'm Still Free By: SilenceIsGolden15, The Pursuit of Truth By: JackieStarSister, The Rival By: Soccer-Geek, Though She Be But Little By: TheRedScreech, Just You By: Selena Snow, cosmic dust By: DiscordianSamba, desert raised By: DiscordianSamba, I'll Take Her Place By: Kishira Kitsune, Stranger from Home By: Synergetic Prose, desert born By: DiscordianSamba, Entanglement By: bushybeardedbear, (Don't) Change My Heart By: ArtistFox, Black, Green and Everything in Between By: DiamondHeart31, Crossing a Personality's Borderline By: Mirror and Image, Singularity By: this-book-has-been-loved,

Wakfu - Wakfu: Altered Destiny By: Mr ChubbySnorlax619, Worthy of the Crown By: Slavok, Beyond the Skies By: Joeshmo24

Fable - Rise By: WiseTomato, Whispers on the Wind By: Rainbow Veins 123, No Light, No Light (Not A Glimmer of Light) By: Celesteennui

Favorite Crossovers

Harry Potter/Twilight -

Harry Potter/Percy Jackson - Drowning Rain By: AriesOrion, Clarisse's Mom By: Kuriboh Girl, For Want of Family By: WizardsGirl, This Is My Father's World By: GenkaiFan, The Daughter of Hecate By: Frostfire613, The Forgotten Daughter By: Perseia Jackson, Prince of Death By: The Potters of the Future

Harry Potter/Chronicles of Narnia - The Potters By: saraiza, The Time Traveler and the Queen By: Princess101855, The Little Prince By: LunaStorm

Harry Potter/Game of Thrones - A Marriage Courtship By: slayer of destiny, Kingdom Come By: Hermitt, Duelling with a Glass Sword By: Tsume Yuki, The Song of Builders By: jojobevco, Legend of the Gryphon By: Katie Macpherson, Firestarter, By: uoduck, Hadrian Lannister Lion of the Rock By: Sage1988, The Winter King By; MerlynPrime, Harrold Gryffindor By: princeofuntouchables, The Difference One Man Can Make By: joen1801, The Dragonborn By: DragonsKing83

Harry Potter/Once Upon A Time - Raising Emma By: Scififan33,

Harry Potter/Smallville - Outsiders By: phoenix catcher, Prisoners By: megamatt09, harry Potter and the Rise of Emrys By: Advent of Shadows, Harry Potter and the Ascension of Ra By: lucifael75, Death Comes to Smallville By: Scififan33

Harry Potter/Doctor Who - A Mad Man and his bigger on the inside Blue Box By: crazhetalia, Visited by a Doctor By: Tangerine-Alert, Not really magic at all By: feathersofglass

Harry Potter/Firefly - I Aim to Misbehave By: White Squirrel, Browncoat, Green Eyes By: nonjon, Immortality in the Verse By: BillieJean476

Harry Potter/X-Men - A Third Path to the Future By: Vimesenthusiast, Visiting the Anomalies of America By: yinngoh, White Owl By: whitetigerwolf, XMen meet the Potters By: Kileam, Falling By: black.k.kat, Hybrid Lives By: Kvaes Varetnai, Ruby Tinted Glasses By: StormyFireDragon, Le Commencement Du Diable Blanc By: marshmallow jam, A New Dawn By: Dark Disaster, Harry Potter and the World that Waits By: dellacouer, Wish Upon A Falling Star By: Dark Disaster, Trials of Bonded Friendship By: nile-reina, Wings of an Angel By: phoenix catcher,

Harry Potter/Avatar - A new life By: Khvamp, Vitra te Ikran By: Tciddaemina, Firefly By: Araceil, Azure Light By: Toki Mirage, Pandora's Box By: TouGod

Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean - Magical Secrets at Sea By: digisammiegirl, Picture A Pirate By: Kaaera, A Pirates Life For Me By: Kimberleeskye

Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Hobbit - The Shadow of Angmar By: Steelbadger, This Dream's On Me By: Tsume Yuki, A Whole New World By: fuzzy-christmas-socks, Titanium By: Charlie Chaos, Blindfold By: I-Like-Pie-Too-Dean, Back to the Beginning By: CrystallineX, Strange Connections By: CrimsonSnowflake, An Avalanche By: Lady Hallen, Delusional By: jessylane318, Fighting Another War By: CrimsonSnowflake, Masked Child By: ShadeDancer, Tales of a Wanderer By: Carumati, To Live Again By: MagicallyInclined, Keeper of the Dunedain By: XinnLajgin

Harry Potter/Walking Dead - Walking Dead Wizard By: DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan, Survival By: misteeirene, What changes when magic meets the walking dead? By: Smileadaykeepmeaway, Does it really Matter? By: 917brat, Kilter By: SlashyJazz, Paranoid or Prepared: How an Average Wizard Can Survive Nearly Anything By: AllOutOfGluesticks, That I Should Rise and You Should Not By: rainbow-hat, Darkest between Life and Unlife By: darksider82, The Walking Death By: ijusthavetowrite

Harry Potter/MCU - Rewrite the Stars By: Cissnei69, Heroes Assemble! By: Stargon1, Almost Lost to Time By: Wandering-Mind 95, Project: Rebirth By:crazhetalia, One Soldier, Two By: fringeperson, like the rain chooses the grass By: Tsume Yuki, An Oreo Crust Crumbling By: Felicity Dream, I See You By: AlwaysEatTheRude21, Masked Men And Where to Find Them By: tinyrose65, To Love a Hero By: cjb1990, Of Technology and Botany By: Rasberry Jo, Berkana By: Aisling-Siobhan, An Unusual Bond By: NorseFan1, Maraudering Matters By: whysosiriusumbridge, The Blake Wolf Diner By: DayDreamsAndStarLights, mine, and mine alone By: Cibbsoldlady, Mr & Mrs Black By: Jinchuu21, Code of Conduct By: tlyxor1, Teeth By: hathanhate, This Gonna Be Good By: ShineBrightNetwork, Firebird By: NorseFan1, Wanderer By: cywsaphyre, Fates Be Changed By: The Homing Pigeon, Rose Lily Potter and the Avengers By: Yellow Pikmin, Vengeance? No! Avenger! By: Deadlandmarshal, The Triumph of These Tired Eyes By: AnarchicMuse, From the Beast Within By: AkiAki-Burst, Damaged Bodies, Growing Lives, Building Families By: StarLight Massacre, Reborn By: NorseFan1, The Almost Forgotten Marriage Contract of 1763 By: worldtravellingfly, Change in Life By: Kiwi Crazy556, The Observer Effect By: d1x1lady, Red Like Roses By: Polariswarrior, Sands Of Time By: TheTroubledNeophyte, Some Hearts By: sakurademonalchemist, We can not-belong together By: Kimichan13, Trouble Finds Him By: Lunabell Marauder Knyte, Redemption Songs By: Aisling-Siobhan, Blended Blood By: wickedlfairy17, Steve And The Barkeep By: Runaway Deviant, The difference one more makes By: Hard-headed-woman

Harry Potter/DCU - Secunda Fortuna By: Angelwarrior1, A Robin's Wings By: MightyRobin94, Harry Potter: The Prince of AtlantisBy: Tylanoid, Who is Harrison Wells? By: LittleMissMycroft, This cage I've called Home By: TwistedFanatic, Harry Potter and the Rise of the Trickster By: Raolin, Young Justice: Shazam By: Hellfire17

Harry Potter/Anita Blake - Magical Offerings By: kirallie, New Family By: kirallie

Harry Potter/Vampire Diaries - Shadow in the Starlight By: A-book-geek, Death in Mystic Falls By: CloudZzFluffyBedsOfWhite, Unexpected Timeline By: LordWarren, To Mystic Falls By: Princess of Red, Revelations By: rejectedreality

Harry Potter/Kingsman - The White Hart By: Dreamwind1, Queensmen By: Araceil

Harry Potter/Supernatural - The Tainted Blood of the Father By: StarLight Massacre, Wayward Family By: rene3037769, Rifles and Ravens By: sakurademonalchemist, Unexpected Variables By: evil-step-sister, Morning Star By: Little.Miss.Xandea, Back in Black By: sakurademonalchemist, Walker By: sakurademonalchemist, Jade Angel By: sakurademonalchemist, Hunter By: sakurademonalchemist, Wayward Sons By: belgium-morning, Big Brother By: fanficoholic, White Rabbit By: She Who Cannot Be Turned

Harry Potter/Stargate - Harry Potter's most excellent adventure By: wolfd890, Harry Potter - Alteran By: Sashian, Ah, Screw It! By: mjimeyg, Harry Potter and The Alteran Gift By: r2r41, Magic Through the Gate By: Kallanit, Harry Potter: Journey Through The Ages By: gitar002, Fighting the Gods By: phoenix catcher, Harry Potter and the Next Great Adventure By: AmateurFanfic, One Plus One Equals One By: nova-carta, Emancipation By: AtrumUnas, TFM 1: The Fifth Member of SG1 By: Alex Mcpherson, Harry Potter and the Secret of the Ancients By: Towrag, A Place Where I Belong By: Carwalch, The New Race By: runick4, Harry Potter and the Lost Ancients By: warugaki, Last Ancient By: runick4, Cast between Worlds By: phoenix catcher, Life in Binary By: Athaeth, Runes of Atlantis By: Midnighter 13, The Light Brigade By: Ravenfur, Harry Potter and The Ancient's Bane By: Kalistar, Defiant By: genhoss

Harry Potter/Star Trek - The Forever Mage By: Darth Marrs, In this Universe or the Next By: AlwaysVictory, The Enterprises Wizard By: robert32514, The Ark and the Desert By: Dreamwind1, Family is What you Make it By: Princess101855

Harry Potter/NCIS - The Last Straw By: raspberry dreams

Harry Potter/Transformers - Prongs By: sakurademonalchemist, When Worlds Collide By: Corruptmonk

Harry Potter/Fullmetal Alchemist - The Scientist's Lament By: WolfishMoon, Alchemy: Magic vs Science By: A-Marlene-S, Alchemic Wizardry By: swimmjacket, The Butterfly Effect: And the Chamber of Secrets By: UnchartedConstellations

Harry Potter/Sword Art Online - Mystic Knight Online By: jgkitarel, Magic Online By: Mrs.InsaneOne, Magicus Ensis Art Online By: darksider82, The Multi-Bladed Hunter By: ShizuBABE

Harry Potter/Avatar Last Airbender - Growing Pains By: Penn Langley, Golden Apples and Frankincense By: WingsOfFate

Harry Potter/Tomb Raider - Master of the Tomb Raider By: thewriterman91

Percy Jackson/Avengers - So I Guess This is My Life Now By: RuinedFox, When You Need Help By: Made For More, Avengers: Spellbound Hero By: xXScarlettMastersXx, Heroes and Ghosts By: LostHeroGuide, The 'Pirate' and His Sea By: Nefarious Matchbox

Fullmetal Alchemist/MCU - I'll Catch a Break Someday By: Ruby Tyra, The Alchemist of the Commandos By: N7 Jam, Travelers By: RugitusAstra,

Danny Phantom/DCU - Young Justice: Deathly Weapons By: Three Ways Devided, Altered Fates By: Gigglingskull, Phantoms Justice By: nikki1997, The Hidden Town of Amity Park By: Zamara27, Unfair Justice By: Daruku Janubu, Titans Phantom By: rinofmidnight, Lost Obsession By: angelwings2400, The Amity Convicts By: Broken Hand, Ghost of a Chance By: Mirror and Image, Strong Enough By: Patience Memory

Harry Potter Random X-Overs

Twilight Random X-Overs

Xmen - Solar Eclipse By: poorasdirt

Disney "Princess" Stories

Little Mermaid - Under the Bright Blue Endless Sky By: NightWrighter511

Beauty and the Beast - Kissed by a Rose By: SamoaPhoenix9

Mulan - Bride and Prejudice By: 3431jess

Princess and the Frog - Whatever it Takes By: tianaveen

Tangled - The Road Untravelled By: the-fairy-godmother, Inked By: J. Metropolis, Carpe Diem By: Beta Gyre, Like Minded By: Fabulist

Tangles/Frozen - just this heart with much too much to share By: ProfessorSpork

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