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Mistyflower, my name is based on a small long-haired black she-cat with green eyes and a white flash on her chest who was my cat until she died in October, 2010 :(

She was young when she died, when I had come home from school she was laying there, not moving anything but her head. We got her to the vet, my last sight of her was her laying on a towel in the front seat of my dad's truck. The next day, my dad told me Missy (Mistyflower) did not make it through the night, the vets said that she had drank antifreeze and it had paralyzed her body and in the end killed her. :( I miss her so much!!

I also want to honor Socks. Socks was a gorgeous cream colored tom with a brown face, ears, leg and tail. He had white paws, a white spot on his muzzle, and the most dazzling blue eyes I've ever seen. He was in his late 30's when he died from old age. I think he was 37 but we're not entirely sure. he died January 30th, 2012. I gave him the warrior name Whitefoot, though to me he was more of a leader, so Whitestar instead. :( I miss him a ton!!

My avatar is a picture of my lovely cat Bear. I love her very much!


Hello everyone! If you haven't noticed, I have been quite inactive for some time now! I actually have been on fanfiction, more so reading stories than writing them as I haven't found much time to do so being caught up in Cross Country, School-Work, Horses, and having a lot of Family emergencies to handle. I very well might start writing again. I looked at the stories that I had been planning and I actually am in love with the plot that I made up for Rumor Has It, so I really really want to write that one. I have also looked into many different genres for reading, but I'm pretty sure I'll only ever write in Warriors. It gives a lot more freedom than other ones do.

Stories Being Posted


Completed Stories

Roses in the Dark: Rosekit is ThunderClan's largest trouble-maker. Always finding away to sneak out of camp and watch the life of her Clanmates unfold. With WindClan's bloodthirsty leader, Adderstar, rising in power, Rosekit assumes that those events are the source of ThunderClan leader, Oakstar's fear. But she soon discovers that their leader does not fear WindClan, he is fears her.

Stories in Progress

Calm Before the Storm: When Tansy's family moved to a new wilderness, a sense of curiosity overcomes the kittypet to explore the breathtaking woods. What she didn't expect to find was a group of unwelcoming cats that call themselves Clans, though despite their efforts to keep her away, Tansy is too intrigued by them to stay away, though staying away would've been the safer choice.

Rosestar's ABC's: A new one-shot every chapter, themed with a word starting with the current letter of the alphabet! A spin-off of the two-story series of Roses in the Dark and Tangled in Secrets. Find out how things went for Rosestar after her abrupt and new leadership! Will be posted as soon as Tangled in Secrets is finished, I don't want to give off spoilers.

Rumor Has It: Hawkpaw is deranged. Hawkpaw is evil. Hawkpaw is ruthless. Hawkpaw is brutal. Hawkpaw is the villain. But did you know that Hawkpaw is not stupid. That she actually can hear the insults slithering behind her back? The gossip about her spreading like wildfire, the whispers of hatred. She’s famous in the Clans, or to put with more accuracy, infamous. For a deed that keeps her countless fox-lengths away from normality. Hawkpaw is an orphan. Hawkpaw is unwanted. Hawkpaw murdered her parents.

About Me

Hmm... now where to start? I'm a Freshman (yikes) and am 14, I live in a state where it's either way too cold or way too hot. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm a girl if you haven't been able to tell from anything else. I love dogs, I mean I absolutely adore them. I want to be a vet when I grow up, and also a dog behaviorist/trainer, and I'm partway there! I've been hired to train people dog's in like two cases haha... so maybe a... eighteenth of a way? Yeah, pretty far, but it's a start! I love Warriors, even though the series seriously took a beating after Original Arc, truthfully I prefer the first two sets of books over the new Power of Three and Omen of the Stars Series. It just had more... originality to it? Seems like the Erins are running out of ideas to me. I also want to be an author, if you couldn't tell already because I'm on fanficion. I've been writing since I was like 4 or 5, I remember writing books about the stallion "Spirit" in pre-school.

I own three dogs, two cats, and three horses, but we're getting rid of one of the horses that we have. I strongly believe in adopting animals. In some cases it's okay, but for the most part, please adopt. I have a Siberian Husky girl who belongs specifically to me, and I'm proud of it! We also have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is owned by my brother, and a Great Pyrenees/Akbash Mix who is owned by my Mom. One of our cats is black who is mine, and the other, a tabby, belongs to my brother.

Favorite Characters

1) Sandstorm

2) Cinderpelt

3) Graystripe

4) Yellowfang

5) Brackenfur

6) Whitestorm

7) Firestar

8) Foxleap

9) Sorreltail

10) Squirrelflight

Least Favorite Characters

1) Spottedleaf

2) Scourge

3) Sol

4) Maple

5) Rock

6) Midnight

7) Hawkfrost

8) Mothwing

9) Onestar

10) Tigerstar

Favorite Warrior Couples

1) SandXFire

2) GrayXSilver

3) BrambleXSquirrel

4) LionXCinder

5) HollyXMouse

6) RoseXFox

7) DoveXTiger

8) FeatherXCrow

9) DustXFern

10) BerryXHoney

Least Favorite Warrior Couples

1) LeafXCrow

2) GrayXMillie

3) FireXSpotted

4) HollyXFallen

5) CloudXDaisy

6) HawkXIvy

7) JayXStick

8) TigerXSasha

9) MistyXBlack

10) StormXBrook

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