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I don't know what anyone even wants to know.

I like fanfiction.
I love reading it, and sometimes I like writing it, and very, very occasionally, I like to be brave enough to share it with all of you.

I've started about fifty million and only posted this one that I haven't updated in forever. Sorry about that. I guess it's kind of on hiatus?

Anyway. Umm... Grew up in Colorado, but I'm currently living in Illinois with some family. I was trying to go to college for a minute, but it didn't work out so well; I only managed one semester and then ran out of money. Now I'm working full time at a grocery store, and I'm making a lot of friends, but that's not leaving a lot of time for fanfiction. I'm really super sorry to my followers and people who have favorited my story. I'll try to find time to update more this summer while I'm trying to avoid the sun at all costs.

Thanks for reading, everybody! : )

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